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Halloween Crochet Round Up

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October has finally arrived!!!! Let the Holiday season officially begin!!!!

I took the liberty of scouring the internet to find some of my favorite Halloween projects that you might find interesting and possibly profitable. So in the spirit of Halloween, I chose my favorite 13 to support other makers out there! Lucky 13…. and here they are:

1.) These would sell like hotcakes right now and let’s be honest – what goes better will all those pumpkin spice lattes you ladies are ordering than a Jack-O-Lantern coffee sleeve!? That’s right, be kind to the Earth and bring your own sleeve to Starbuck’s. Just click the photo to the right to open the link to the free pattern.

2.) This afghan is gorgeous! If you have the time, this would be a great gift for a Halloween lover or even just a nice throw for the sofa during the holiday! The link is for the free pattern!

3.) For those of you who love to make characters, this guy is amazing! I am not one who has patience for these projects, but I have friends who make these and I can’t wait for someone to purchase this pattern and show us how it’s done!

4.) These delicate beauties look a bit intricate but they would be beautiful pieces for a holiday table! I can imagine them in so many colors, you could make these up to match just about any table setting. Who’s up for the challenge!?

5.) What about a gift for yourself? This is the perfect mug to sip from while you create on All Hallow’s Eve!

6.) This guy is absolutely amazing! Can you believe the pattern for him is FREE!? I know I have some friends who could make this happen. Please tell me you love him as much as I do!!!!

7.) This shawl is so gorgeous! The perfect Halloween accessory. The pattern is free and available in English and Swedish. The link will take you to Ravelry where you can get the download. Loving this one so hard!

8.) Wednesday Addams!? Yes, please. This is so spectacular I can’t even begin to try to get over this. What a fabulous fall gift/project/decoration…..I would have 100% made my daughter one of these when she was little!!!!!

9.) Now this is epic! You can make gorgeous pumpkins all day long and let’s face it, we basic B’s will love them but this one here is for the hard core Halloween buffs! I adore him! The pattern my hookers….is FREE!!!! Click the photo and go make him now!

10.) These made me almost spit out my coffee! If I came across this while out trick-or-treating with my daughter, I would have to shake the hand of whoever made them! What a fabulous idea! The pattern is a free Ravelry download, so head on over and get yours!!!

11.) Okay, I know patterns can be expensive but $7.99 for the greatest handmade costume ever!? Priceless. I mean, I want my baby to be a baby again so I can make this! She has so many other great Star Wars things in her shop as well, go check her out!

12.) How about a video tutorial!? I have wanted to make one of these for years but just don’t have the patience to be that repetitive and make that many flowers and skulls! Lazy? Yes. But I know you hookers out there have more of an attention span than I do! Go try this!

13.) I feel like I’ve been really good and not included a lot of hats! (you know me and hats) So here is lucky #13 – a zombie hat!!!!! The pattern is free and …. it’s so disgusting it’s cute! I know we all have that ONE person who would love this! Free. Go get it!!!!

However you celebrate the month of October, this is the beginning of a busy, creative season for us hookers! I’ll work on the round-ups for inspiration, you go get these patterns and get workin’!!!!

Happy Hooking, Hookers!!!

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