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Honeystitchco Pom Pom Review

Fall is here and even though my pom collection doesn’t need to grow if I’m being honest….I couldn’t resist poking around on Etsy and I found some fabulous poms that I couldn’t resist.

This was the first order to arrive from Utah and I love these! I didn’t have any fall colors and I really loved these. Her Etsy shop has gorgeous photos and beautiful beanie patterns.

Poms arrived carefully packaged with a personal note…just look at that rich color!!!!

These poms are fluffy and well made, I can’t wait to put them on some hats! These are the Tiger poms on her site, you can order them today! I will update the blog with hats that I put these on. Don’t they just scream Autumn!?

Pumpkin spice in a pom! Let’s give this girl some business and make some hats!!!!

Happy Hooking, Hookers!!!!

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