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Fall Pom Pom Collection Launch

They’re all finally here! We are so excited to share 5 new poms with everyone for this Fall season. Limited edition and absolutely gorgeous!

brown beige ivory cream ikaika pom made by 'ohana boutique

First up, we have the Ikaika Pom! This one reminded me of the Warriors you see hanging from rear view mirrors and in homes as a protective talisman. I love the color variation and the depth! This pom is light and airy but full of character. Those neutral colors are perfect. Click the photo to visit this listing!

gold yellow hawaiian sunset pom made by 'ohana boutique

Next is the Hawaiian Sunset Pom. Gorgeous golden color and dense, shiny fur that stands on its own. Fluffy and round with just the slightest of black tips…the perfect color for fall projects. One of the many colors of falling leaves! This color is always perfect for Autumn and I can’t wait to pair her with some of my Malabrigo yarns!

army green fort shafter pom made by 'ohana boutique

Here is our Fort Shafter Pom. Fort Shafter is a military base located on O’ahu where I was born. Not only does it give off a slightly military vibe, the sheen on this fur just reminds me of ripe leaves in the sun just before they turn….so we decided to include it in our fall collection. Not sorry one bit! Click the photo to see more photos!

brown copper koa wood pom made by 'ohana boutique

Our Koa Wood Pom is dark and rich with amazing variation, just like Koa wood! This fur is thick and these poms are nice and big and fluffy. These chocolaty, wooden colors will be beautiful with beanies this year and I myself can’t wait to put this on top of a creamy white beanie!!!

black yellow magenta surfer sunset pom pom made by 'ohana boutique

Last, and probably my favorite, we have the Surfer Sunset Pom! I love these colors and I love this crazy fur. Black at the base, yellow body and magenta tips…wild and beautiful! The sun has set on our summer and this pom is the perfect representation of that. You’ll be amazed at what colors these poms can bring out in your yarns! Click the photo for more pics!

Whichever poms you try this fall, it is definitely the season for all of us makers to go on the hunt for new products to add to our projects! Come on over to our Etsy page and see what we have available, including all 5 of these new ladies!

Get these girls while they’re hot! When they’re gone….they’re gone! Enjoy pom pom shopping, I’ll be out there searching with you!

Happy Hooking, Hookers!!!!

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