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2020 Crochet Trends

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So there is a LOT of information in this post regarding 2020 trends, so stick with me! Let’s target those makes so they are on trend and bring you the attention you deserve for your art!!!

First, let’s talk about colors! We’re well into 2020 now and the year is nearly half over. Let’s look at the Spring/Summer colors for this year according to our brilliant friends at Pantone. Any of these on their own or any combination will be sure to keep you current with fashion!

And don’t forget the Spring/Summer classics that you will see showing up as well:

Now that we have some seriously fun colors to play with (that Classic Blue is 2020’s color of the year!) Let’s see what is trending on the runway! This is a big year for crochet. Our art is everywhere and being appreciated in ways it hasn’t been in the past.

Machines can replicate knitting, no problem. A knit hat (sorry knitting lovers) is easy to find at any department store. Crochet however….now there isn’t a machine that can replicate what we do! So we have a niche and the fashion industry is throwing us some serious bones right now (I will pause for your giggles. Dirty hookers. 😉 )

So here are some trends showing up on the runway and my favorite examples of these trends. No particular order, I don’t play favorites! Just click on the images to be taken to the patterns.

1.) Okay, let’s just dive right in with the crochet dress! They’re literally everywhere on the runways and everywhere in ads, these are super IN right now! This one is especially gorgeous … can you say beach wedding!? Click the photo to purchase the pattern!

2.) Shorts are everywhere during summer and this year, crochet is no exception! I have even seen crochet shorts at Walmart this year. And you know I’m keeping my eye out, checking the stitch wherever I am! 🙂 These high-waisted shorts are so in line with what is in style now, I just had to include them!

3.) Handbags are always in style, we love handbags! This one is simple enough but with the right colors could be really popular and stylish! Oh, and it’s free! Every hooker I know is out to find a free pattern they love! You can find these handles HERE online.

4.) Crop tops are always in style during the summer somewhere, am I right? When the weather heats up, we try to cover up as little as possible! Bralettes are everywhere in fashion right now. With cut-off shorts, under suit jackets … Jump on this train and make some up or just make one for yourself this summer! Don’t forget to use this year’s color palette!

5.) Tie Dye is also very popular this year, though to be fair it’s always popular in my group of people 🙂 While tie dye is mostly dying cloth, Lion Brand does have some Hand-dyed Wool Ease that gives me serious tie dye vibes …. you might check it out and see what you can create!!!!

6.) Cropped sweaters go so well with those 90s mom jeans everyone is wearing now. The kids love them! My daughter is 13 and I can’t even count the cropped sweaters in her closet. I chose this pattern because I love these! And I can totally see either of our girls wearing these!

7.) While we’re on cropped sweaters, let’s talk about this Bolero jacket in this year’s color! I adore this one, it’s now on my favorites list! Cropped cardigans are also in … this easily passes and adds a feminine flair with that ribbon tie!!!! I love her.

8.) I’ve been dying to try this shoulder bag pattern, seems like now might be the time! They’re in, crochet is hot …. it’s the perfect bag for day trips, shopping trips, beach trips…. versatile and fun! Make one in every color of this year’s palette and make everyone envious!

9.) I couldn’t leave this crossbody bag out of this blog! I’ve been wanting to make these and this pattern is perfect to be able to use the color palette for this year, right!? Boho is in and nothing is easier to carry your phone and some cash and I.D. in than a stylish crossbody for summer. I’ll race you – who can make one first?

It’s disappointing that a year so in love with crochet is also a year we can’t be out selling and mingling with our customers. But I hear rumors of virtual craft fairs and I’m going to do trunk shows if I have to! We will get our things in front of our customers one way or another, have faith!

Enjoy brainstorming and creating for 2020 and Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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  1. Crystal

    What wonderful pretties!!! Can’t wait to make some of them… or all.

    1. ohanaboutique

      I’m definitely making some of these!!!!! Feeling my crojo come back…..

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