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Fall 2020 Crochet Round-Up

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This has been an interesting year! All of a sudden, Autumn is right around the corner! I know we’re still enjoying summer (to the extent that we can with restrictions), but now is the time to start thinking about what we’ll be making for Fall!

Most, if not all, of my shows have been cancelled for this year’s Holiday season but I’m not giving up yet! I am exploring virtual option and I’m determined to adapt!

I’ve been poking around in the feeds of fellow makers I follow and I felt like it was time to explore some Fall items that may be popular this year, that we may all want to try! I found so much great stuff! So let’s dive right in:

1.) The Cerinu Shawl! Tell me this isn’t the most gorgeous thing you’ve seen in a while!? Imagine the color combos you could use … this may be the answer for me and fingering weight yarns to be honest. It’s gorgeous and SCORE! It’s a free pattern! Click the photo to go to the link.

2.) Ammonite Wrist Warmers! Okay, my inner Anthropology major is so delighted with these! πŸ™‚ Crochet that imitates fossils…. I’m bookmarking this one for sure. Free pattern online and though I don’t know how well these will sell …. I feel like I just want to make them! Check them out and let us all know what you think!

3.) This beanie pattern is delicate, warm and stylish all in one! I love them; they’re just beautiful! As someone who loves making hats, I love finding a new pattern to try that I didn’t have to come up with myself so this one will definitely go into my try-it-out collection! Click the photo to try it for yourself! I usually like to explore colors and change up what a pattern uses but this one I absolutely adore in these light, frosty colors!

4.) While we’re talking about fall fashion, I will include my Puka Lou Japanese Knot Bag pattern here. This is a pattern I wrote earlier this year while researching 2020 fashion. It’s been my best seller this year, it’s not super expensive and they’re easy to work up! I saw this style of bag on the runways, picked up a hook and it just came through me! They’re fabulous and I’ve had so much fun this year seeing the variations everyone is making! Get yours today!

5.) Fringe is huge this season, as are crochet handbags! Now that I’ve plugged my own bag (shameless!) let’s look into some other runway-inspired patterns! This one has fringe and is that large stitch look that I’m seeing a lot of in photos. Fashion-wise I love that it isn’t yarn-looking, it’s a cleaner ribbon yarn. I really think these would sell well this season! If you don’t sell your items, you should really make a few of these for family and friends in their color palette! With or without a strap, it’s on point for 2020!

6.) Another simple clutch that you can attach a strap to as well and this pattern is free! You could style it up & make it runway worthy easily! Ribbon yarn is common with these for a cleaner look and I am seriously considering trying some! Joann Fabric has some online; I just might get crazy and order me some! That link should take you right to it!

7.) This Kaleidoscope Scarf is a free pattern and simply amazing! Fringe is in this year, so make sure to add fringe to all of your projects and stay in style! If you stocked up on too many bulky yarns, this would help you plow through them in no time! I love the implied plaid and it looks so warm and cozy! She would make an amazing gift for family and friends this season!

8.) Let’s stay with fringe here; this blanket cardigan with fringe is so stylish and look at that amazing construction! For those of you who are more patient than I , you should definitely purchase this pattern and make a few of these! Not everything Grandma makes you for the Holidays is silly … it can be stylish too! πŸ™‚

9.) If you haven’t tried the pocket scarf that we’ve all been raving about this year, it’s time! I made one and I have to say that even with my lack of patience, this wasn’t too bad! I watched 3 movies making it, so it’s definitely going to take you some time but the stitches are easy to follow and it turns out beautifully! They’re going to be popular for a while, I think! Jump on the train with us!

10.) You didn’t think you would get through this blog without a mug rug pattern did you!? Obviously I have my free pattern HERE but I made a set of these rugs over at Love and Stitch and I adore them!!!! They turned out really well and it’s one of my favorites. Also…FREE! Go try them out!

These are 10 of my favorites for fall, though there are many more! If I try a new pattern, trust me you will be the first to know about it!!!! Let’s stay busy and stay positive in this strange year of 2020.

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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  1. Linda

    Do you make the Velvet Charleston Hat for sale? It’s so stinking cute, but I have no talent (seriously) and cannot crochet or knit. I’d love to be able to just but the hat.

    1. ohanaboutique

      Thank you so much! We think they’re adorable too πŸ™‚ We do have some for sale in the shop! If you click the tab that says ‘Shop the Boutique’ and scroll down, you will find some of them listed! They sell quickly and I am always trying to make new ones. I will be making another batch of these in January as well if there is a certain color you are looking for!

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