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Valentine’s Day Pattern Round-Up

For some reason, this year I am boycotting Red and Pink! I wanted to find some none-traditional cuties we can all make for Valentine’s Day and beyond, so I searched and scoured and came up with …. not a lot. Everything is pink and red. BUT I did find some things I liked that were more fringe than cheesy and traditional, so I wanted to share them with you here!

1.) We’re going to start and end with hats today, my hookers! Hats are my jam. This pattern is simple and easily customized with color (meaning I can do it in black and white) and I love the different option for poms or braids or nothing at all! Hearts are still included too 🙂 Nine sizes are listed, this is a very thorough pattern!

2.) So I am just vibing on black and white this Valentine season and this caught my eye. I love the colorwork so, so much! This pattern is free online and contains a combination of crochet and weaving techniques! I love it! You definitely have to check this one out!

3.) Just look at his cute self!!!! This is so on trend right now with the gnomes everywhere! And the colors are original and outside of the box, which I love. All yarn, no fur and the cutest little guy you’ve ever seen! Paid pattern but so worth it, definitely check out the photos from reviews – amazing ideas for color variations!

4.) If we’re going to be forced into candy this holiday – why not chocolate kisses!? Candy hearts are so generic, but this you don’t see as often! I love the detail, too. Paid pattern on Etsy and imagine the colors you could use – there are so many different kinds of chocolate kisses out there to match this guy to for Valentine’s Day!

5.) Nothing fascinates me more than slippers! This is one thing I haven’t tried to crochet yet, but I love looking at all the techniques and pondering these. This pair has hearts on them, so they qualify for this round-up! I would do black and white but …. that’s jut my mood 🙂 It’s a free pattern and yes, uses flip flop soles! But with glue, not poking holes…. fascinating!

6.) Okay, I caved with the red! I just love these hearts! I know I’ve shared them before but …. LOOK how cute they are! You can use wool to make these and felt them or just leave them as they are for adorable decorations on all of your crochet crafts. Pattern is free and works up quickly, you won’t regret having this one!

7.) This is the cutest idea EVER! Any color combination and you’re a Valentine’s Day hit! What a fun way to learn new techniques with tassels, stuffed hearts and scarf making! Pattern is free too, which makes it that much more sweet. How convenient that Valentine’s Day comes at us during winter!

8.) Seriously, these guys are a bit much but I couldn’t resist! I love how the pattern lets you make these guys 4 feet long … or 12 inches long. You could go seriously nuts with this one so I wanted to include it here. It’s Valentine’s because there are hearts on the ears 🙂 You choose your colors, but this one could be a huge hit with freinds and family, so beware! It’s free, so get hookin’!!!!!

9.) …of course we wrap up with a hat pattern; they’re just my passion. But how awesome is this one!? I might have to try this one out, it’s too tempting. It’s a free pattern, everyone loves emojis and it doesn’t have to be just about Valentine’s Day; if you switch up the colors this could work for so many things! Have fun with it!!!!

So this was me playing into the hands of Hallmark holidays and sending you all love with fun patterns! Whatever you decide to make, however you decide to celebrate, IF you decide to celebrate …. have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and ….

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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