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Easter Crochet Round Up!

There are so many Easter and Spring ideas for Crochet! I have rounded up my top 10 for 2019 here for you! Still plenty of time to get hookin’ everyone!!!!! Check these out!!!

1.) Of course I had to include an Easter basket!! This is a free pattern I found and while I know I would never have the patience….I know so many of you out there will and the possibilities for colors and designs here are endless….just click the image and go get your free pattern!!!

2.) Okay, so this pattern is not free, but it’s only a few dollars and it’s an instant download. Isn’t it just perfection!? The exact replica of a time honored staple to a child’s Easter basket….I’m smitten. Click the bunny to get the pattern!

3.) I can always count on my beloved Moogly Blog to provide something amazing, no matter the situation it seems! Her Easter Lily pattern is free on her blog and it’s simply gorgeous! A bundle of these would make a stunning center piece for your Holiday table! Click on the lily to go visit Moogly!!!!

4.) Can you imagine service your Easter tea or coffee with dessert in adorable Bunny Cozies with fluffy tails!? You would be an absolute entertaining rock star!!!! The free pattern is available if you click on the photo. You could color these to match your tea set or your kitchen decor….what an amazing idea!

5.) It wouldn’t be a round-up without a hook, right!? I found an Etsy vendor that has the sweetest hooks. You can tell there is a lot of love put into these and this bunny one is to die for! Custom orders are welcome, but they have plenty of other hooks in stock as well and these would make fabulous small gifts for Easter baskets for your crochet addicted friends and family!

6.) This guy is just so amazing, I had to share him here with you. I know that a new bunny is pretty much a staple for little ones this time of year; wouldn’t it be amazing if it was handmade by YOU!? A ribbon tied around the ear and a pink sweater …. you could customize this any way you wanted!

7.) I don’t know how detailed your Easter decorating gets, but this is so delicate and gorgeous. My Grandmother started me on different stitches making doilies and lace; this reminds me of her so much! She would have totally had this on her Easter Holiday table. Free pattern, just click on that gorgeous photo!

8.) Okay, now this time of year centers around Easter, but Passover is also celebrated this time of year. I know every Jewish woman has patterns for yarmulkes so … why bother with that? But I found this amazing photo and can’t seem to find a decent crochet version OR any patterns anywhere. I wanted to share the photo, hoping that someone can create this with crochet. What an amazing teaching tool for young kiddos during the Seder!!!!!

9.) I had no idea that there was such a thing as an egg warmer/cozy but … I think they’re adorable! Cute for serving poached eggs, would also be cute in an Easter basket or on hidden eggs!

10.) No matter what you’re celebrating this Spring, there is always the opportunity to wear a pretty hat! I love the simplicity of this one and the possibilities of how to customize it with colors and flowers or bows or buttons….. free pattern!!!!

However you celebrate the upcoming holiday, I wish you a pleasant time spent with family and friends and in solemn reflection and prayer.

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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