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Dress Up Your Pet Day!

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So yes, today is National Dress Up Your Pet day. You will notice I have not included any cat patterns….cats are blessed with the fur God gave them and thought I had cats who would let me dress them when I was a child….it just doesn’t seem right. I also got bored with pet clothing (I bore easily) and expanded a bit for other pet products that are useful for the owners as well! Not necessarily all clothing, but here are my Top 7 Pet-related crochet projects for today:

1.) Granny squares are totally in this year, so be sure to be fashion-forward and grab this free download on Lion Brand‘s website! I also love that it’s called the Hippie Dog pattern! You could totally make this runway by using ivory yarn, however!

2.) I can’t in good conscience recommend clothing cats, but what about building them a little hiding hut? It would be great for indoors or outdoor and placed on a heated pad could even keep outdoor cats warm in the winter! You know any cat will love this, it’s essentially a crochet box! It’s perfect. Fee pattern! The website is in a foreign language, but my browser easily translated it for me 🙂

3.) This is a classy little sweater and the pattern comes in 5 sizes! For a paid pattern, it’s well worth it! I have friends with dogs and while I consistently refuse to make animal clothing, this looks like it would work up quickly and wouldn’t be a huge annoyance…. hmmm….

4.) This is a unique pattern in the doggy world – it’s actually a cozy of sorts that fits around your dog’s collar! Brilliant if you ask me….you could run with this pattern and create all kinds of amazing things for your pet! it’s a paid pattern on Ravelry, and what a fabulous idea!

5.) This pattern is a paid pattern on Etsy and the pattern has instructions for two sizes. I love this idea and you could make several that could be switched out and washed over time. A wonderful gift for a new puppy owner also! If you’re not into dressing up your pet, you could at least brighten up his eating space!

6.) It wouldn’t be a proper round up without a Moogly item, right!? I adore this blog and our styles are so similar so often! This is a gorgeous version of a dog sweater and with the right yarn – classy as heck! Free pattern….

7.) Finally, the one dog sweater I had the hardest time finding online! But by far the classiest little sweater ever posted! This is a free pattern and clicking the photo will actually take you to a link for the actual .pdf pattern online.

Whether or not you decide to make anything for your pets this year, shout out to our Pet Parents today! You make these animal’s lives amazing everyday!

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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