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Rubber Ducky & Bathtime Round-Up!

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So today is National Rubber Ducky day! While I’m guessing this isn’t widely celebrated oh….anywhere, I thought I would take the opportunity to gather some Rubber ducky crochet ideas and some extras for bath time fun!

Here are my top 7 from around the webs today:

1.) Let’s just jump right in with a pattern to make rubber duckies! Not only is this a pattern on the duck itself, but includes instructions for 10 items to add to your duckies to make yourself quite the collection! Do you know someone who collects rubber ducks? Click that adorable photo to go grab it!

2.) New baby coming into your life? This blanket pattern is adorable and can easily be made with different colors, whatever the new mama may be into. You know that whole pink and blue thing is over, right? 🙂 It’s a Ravelry pattern and yes, it’s a paid pattern but it’s only $2.50!!! Bargain!

3.) Okay, now admittedly I am blown away by this next one. A spongy yarn that you don’t have to stuff!? And you can wash it!? Where was this when my kiddo was small!? Yes, this pattern uses a spongy yarn that apparently you can make all kinds of fun things for bath time with and you won’t need to stuff them! Fabulous idea for baby showers! Free pattern!

4.) Hate making little animals with crochet? Me too. But you can always buy the rubber duck and make some washcloths! How about this cutie with the duck ON it? Paid pattern, but I just love it so much!

5.) Okay, hookers, I’m sick of ducks already. What about this sweet storage basket!? Okay, it’s an owl but … it could get wet in the bathroom and baby could easily learn to put away their own bath toys! I wish I’d had one to be honest. You could leave off the embellishments for a plain basket or add your own based on the mother’s bathroom decor!!! Fill it with fun and useful bath items – gift idea complete!

6.) Break out the cotton yarn and try out a hooded towel with a matching wash cloth! This pattern is free and we all know there are several ways we can use cotton yarns – color combos are endless! As a mom, I know we used these towels quite often!

7.) Last but not least – what about bath mats!? We all use them and this one is so pretty! It doesn’t all have to be about babies and ducks, right!? This is a free pattern, try it out today!!!

However you’re celebrating Rubber Ducky Day, I hope you’re near your yarn! I may have to take this bath mat idea to another level…. I love it! I hope we’ve inspired some creativity in you today! As always….

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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