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The Velvet Charleston Hat FREE PATTERN!

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Why all of a sudden the slight sparkle in this yarn inspired me when my regular velvet yarns didn’t, I don’t know. But I LOVE these Yarn Bee Velvety Smooth Sparkle yarns! All of the softness and drape of velvet yarns with a little sparkle! Perfect for the Holidays and New Year’s!!!!

My customers love vintage hats and velvet just drapes so well! It IS the 20s, my hookers! I have been so incredibly inspired by the Roaring 20s as you well know. One more can’t hurt, right?

Let’s get to it!


1 Size K (6.5 mm) NOTE: I am a tight stitcher! If you have a looser stitching style, you may want to drop down to a J (6 mm) hook. Also….for a more floppy, slouchy hat that can be rolled up, clipped, etc … I go up to an L (8 mm) hook.

1 Skein Yarn Bee Velvety Smooth Sparkle Yarn (since this yarn is in short supply and may be seasonal, you can also use Bernat Velvet as well) 100 – 120 yards

Yarn Needle for sewing



Make a magic circle, ch1, work 8 hdc in circle, pull closed and sl st to 1st hdc – 8st

If you don’t know how to make a magic circle, ch2, work 8 hdc in 2nd chain from hook and sl st to first hdc – 8 st

Row 2: Ch 1, work 2 hdc in each stitch to end, sl st to first hdc – 16 st

Row 3: Ch 1, *2hdc, 1 hdc* repeat from * to end, sl st to first hdc – 24 st

Row 4: Ch 1, *2 hdc, 1 hdc in next 2 st* repeat from * to end, sl st to first hdc – 32 st

Row 5: Ch 1, *2 hdc, 1 hdc in next 3 st* repeat from * to end, sl st to first hdc – 40 st

Row 6: Ch 1, *2 hdc, 1 hdc in next 4 st* repeat from * to end, sl st to first hdc – 48 st

3rd loop of stitch

Row 7: Ch 1, *2 hdc, 1hdc in next 5 st* repeat from * to end, sl st to first hdc – 56 st

Rows 8 – 11: Ch 1, hdc in each stitch around, sl st to first hdc – 56 st

Rows 12-14: Ch 1, hdc in 3rd loop of each stitch around, sl st to first hdc – 56 st

Row 15: Repeat Row 8 – 56 st

Rows 16-18: Repeat Row 12 – 56 st

Row 19-20: Repeat Row 8 – 56 st

Finish off work and weave in ends

To create the pinched affect, use a yarn needle to thread up through the hat just below your 2nd set of 3rd loop rows, insert into row just above 1st set of 3rd loop (3 times) as shown. Turn hat inside out and cinch tight, tie off and trim your ends.


They work up very quickly once you get in the groove and get the row counts down.

The purple hat is an example of the bigger size I made with my L hook. It can be worn as a slouch and also works better for women with a lot of thick hair. But you can see the difference!

I can’t wait to play with these a bit more, use some flower clips … feathers….jeweled buttons….this is an incredibly enticing blank slate!

Let’s go play!

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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  1. Toni

    I’m sorry, I don’t understand your instruction staying with row 4……2 hdc, 1 hdc in next two stitches. Does that mean one stitch will have 2 hdc and the next stitch will have 1 hdc, all the way until the end?

    1. ohanaboutique

      Yes, exactly! The pattern for the row will be 2 hdc in first stitch, 1 hdc, 1 hdc, repeated to the end

      1. Kaye

        Could you possibly post a photo and explanation of row 12 please, clarifying what you mean by the 3rd loop of each stitch? I’m not clear where the 3rd loop is.
        Thank you

        1. ohanaboutique

          I have added a photo of the 3rd loop, it’s difficult to explain and if you’re not familiar, can be confusing! This doesn’t work with sc stitches, they have no 3rd loop FYI. Hope that helps!!!!

  2. Tameka

    Where did you buy the feathers

    1. ohanaboutique

      I find feather clips at Joann Fabric and Hobby Lobby locally for these hats! I use pretty pins that I have found at both stores as well!

  3. Corlett

    I crocheted to the 7th row as instructed; but I ended up with 56 (2hdc;1hdc) as instructed but I still had 8 stitches left. I did hdc in the remming 8 stitches

    1. ohanaboutique

      Did you try checking your previous rows to make sure you didn’t have too many stitches on the 5th or 6th row? Sometimes I find that I picked up too many stitches on the previous row!!!!

  4. Frances

    Are there knitting instructions for this hat or a one similar using super bulky yarn?

    1. ohanaboutique

      Just to clarify, this is crochet, not knitting. I have never tried it with super bulky yarn, I’m not sure the drape would be what it should be? But I bet a good knitter could convert this somehow?

  5. Ruby

    I think I understand now about row 12 it’s like doing a
    BPHD, and it makes little ridges on the back just like in the picture. I hope this helps. Thank you for the sweet pattern.’
    Ruby R.

    1. ohanaboutique

      It’s a little different than the BPHD, but the ridges are the goal, yes!!!!

  6. Nancy

    Thank you for the lovely pattern. I’m not very good at directions, apparently. “Row 6: Ch 1, *2 hdc, 1 hdc in next 4 st* to end, sl st to first hdc – 48 st” Does this mean, 2hc in one stitch, 1 hdc in the next? What do I do for the stitch 3 and 4? And the same question for row 5. Sorry, I must be thick.

    1. ohanaboutique

      Thank you for asking this and clarifying! So these rows, you repeat everything between the * and * until the end. So Row 5 in the first stitch, you would do 2 hdc, next 3 stitches, 1 hdc, next stitch, 2 hdc, next 3 stitches, 1hdc all the way around. Same for row 6: First stitch, 2 hdc, next 4 stiches, 1 hdc and repeat that to the end of your row. I hope that makes sense?


    Would you have the gauge for this hat. I’m unable to get either of the yarns you suggested, in fact, I can’t get any velvet like yarn in my area numbered below a super bulky. I have to go with a # 5 regular type yarn. I’d really appreciate an answer as I’d really like to make this hat if possible. Thanks 😊

    1. ohanaboutique

      So the velvet yarn I use is Bernat Velvet and it’s a #5 bulky, I don’t do gauge swatches but if a K hook would work with it, I would say it’s most likely perfect!

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