'Ohana Boutique

To answer your first question:  No, I am not Hawaiian.  I am Haudenosaunee by blood, but I was born in Honolulu and I have been back numerous times to visit home in my life.  Hawai’i is my peaceful place and I’m a water baby sun soaker when I’m in the islands!  I would also have a hard time selling my warm hats in Hawai’i!!!  

And your 2nd question …. No, I don’t knit.  Not at all.  So….

Hello, fellow hookers!!!

I learned to crochet when I was 8 and … I picked it up again when I was pregnant with my daughter. 

I spent a lot of time getting to know my crochet style, my stitches and for the longest time, I had to follow patterns.  I will post some of my favorites from time to time from around the internet that I fell in love with while learning.  I will also post some of my own free patterns and patterns I sell on my Etsy page.  

I make my items to sell at local shows, on Etsy and for gifts for friends and family, though they tend to be my best customers as well 🙂  Yes, I do custom orders and can deliver them in person locally or list them on Etsy for you to purchase and I can ship all over the world!!!

You will notice in my patterns that I do not use a gauge swatch.  I have never done one and most likely never will.  I crochet intuitively.  It will become whatever it would like to become!  If it doesn’t work for a specific person I made it for, I toss it in the ‘for sale’ pile and make my adjustments.  No matter how it turns out, someone will love it.  I have had hats in my inventory for years and just about the time I decide it’s time to donate it …. someone tries it on and BAM!  Match made in heaven.  When reading my patterns, however, please note that I am a tight and precise crocheter … and you can adjust accordingly.  I will do my best to talk you through it.  

If you’re looking to develop your own intuitive, free-hand style, you came to the right place!!!!  Patterns are guides, not rule books, as I have experienced.  So let’s have some fun and learn to make some new things in your own style!!!!