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Let’s Celebrate National Hat Day!

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As you well know by now, hats are my first love! Whenever I lose my CroJo, I pick up a skein and let the yarn lead me into making a hat. I let the hook guide me and just go with it. It’s my happy place!

Yes, I make several other things as you can see but …. love my hats! So this is like….my favorite National Holiday! Okay, maybe not my favorite, but it’s most relevant to my business.

I decided to take a fun browse around the interwebs and gather together my favorite hat patterns that just shout out to me today. These are patterns that may or may not push your limits as a hooker; some of them certainly push my limits! But they are gorgeous, well-made and I love them!

Hookers! My top 15 Crochet Hat patterns for this National Hat Day!

1.) Let’s kick this off with the ever-popular waffle stitch! When we learn this stitch, we get so excited, don’t we!? It’s beautiful and we hat makers love texture! Ribbed for her pleasure I say! This is a paid pattern on Etsy and my mind is reeling with the possibilities of color and yarn…..

2.) I told you I wasn’t pulling any punches today! This hat would push my limits in ways I probably can’t even imagine yet…. and I want this pattern so badly! Who wants to try this one out with me!? Paid pattern on Ravelry and my guess is … worth every penny!

3.) Okay, you’ve seen this and we all know this plaid is popular right now. Who is brave enough to try some color work!? I’m sure the technique is simple, but I haven’t braved it yet. Curious though…..Free pattern, what harm would it do!?

4.) This hat on this little girl just KILLS me! But more than anything, I’m dying to try that flower! I do love my flowers….so this is definitely on my wish list of patterns to purchase!!!! A bit of a 20s feel and right in style for this year!!!!

5.) I keep seeing this around this year and I finally tracked it down to include it here. With this fur yarn so popular right now …. how can you resist!? I always have a lot of customers who ask about this style of hat, and now …. I may be able to offer them a few! It’s a free pattern with a video tutorial …. yeah, I might have to….

6.) I love these hats she does with the brim!!!!! I want to make 100 of them in every color I can imagine! You’ve stopped reading, right? You’re just looking at the pictures now anyway …. well … it’s gorgeous and you need this pattern! Head on over to Etsy and get it today! I will also look fabulous in this hat … I need a few for myself.

7.) This hat is to die for and the photographer that took these photos….epic! I love them so much. But back to the hat….I love to use small amounts of yarn to make baby hats! I have so many partial skeins that are screaming to be made use of and this project will be perfect! It’s a free pattern, so why not!?

8.) I actually made a couple of these for a baby shower a few years ago and they were a big hit! I adjusted the pattern with a lighter brown and pink instead of red and gave her a bow for the girl version. I love them so much, I had to include them in this blog!!!! Head on over and check out the free pattern! Yeah, I said free!

9.) This hat is so gorgeous! I have not mastered color work like this, but this hat makes me want to tackle it so badly! Someone please grant me the patience to be able to sit with this one long enough to finish at least one! We hookers rarely get to do the fun things that knitters get to do with their craft, but this….this is next level crochet! I love it and I’ve already added it to my favorites on Etsy! Go get yours now!

10.) Such a pretty pattern, I know my customers would love these for their girls!!! I need to get me a copy of this soon. This seems like a good beginning for me on the color work stage. Color combos are already running through my mind!

11.) This free pattern is so cute and probably looks like every other Instagram post you’ve been seeing for the past few months! Hats like these are popular for a reason! Love this affordable take on it, too! We have plenty of time to work up some hats for next season and plenty of time to master this one! Free pattern!!!! Bookmark it and get to using up those partial skeins of Scarfie you have left over from making scarves and cowls!

12.) I thought I would throw in a summer hat because…we can’t only crochet when it’s cold out, right? I know someone out there is looking for a warmer weather pattern. This one definitely uses too small of a hook for me, but I know you patient hookers out there can’t wait to get your hands on this one!

13.) Okay, it’s a hood but it’s a beautiful one! More and more of my customers are wanting something other than the standard beanie and are opting for hoods….this could very well be the pattern that uses up all those Caron Cakes I have stashed away!

14.) Let’s get a little outrageous, we only have a couple left! It IS National Hat Day so … we should cover all of our bases and … while I may not wear this hat, I can picture the customer who would and we all know I love using notions to decorate my projects and add some flare! This looks like a project I would be supremely proud of when it was finished!!!!

15.) Okay, this one is my favorite so I saved it for last! I love the messy curls and sexy lines….this is one I will definitely be trying! This hat seems like the perfect ode to Hat Day and a great way to use up yarn in my ever growing stash!

So that concludes my top 15 patterns on the webs today! I couldn’t resist honoring a day that celebrates my first love: making hats! I hope you’re as inspired as I am to try something new.

Happy Hat Day! and…

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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