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Roaring 20s Crochet Roundup!!!!!

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The last week heading into our new year, new decade and the 20s!!!!! I am working with the trends, but I can’t help wanting to really pull this 20s theme into my work this year. So I decided to round up some of these 1920s styles for inspiration and I wanted to share some with you! So let’s check them out!!!

1.) I always start with hats, right!? This hat looks so stylish and warm! A simple bucket cloche; perfect for a 1920s look! The yarn this free pattern uses is obscure for those of us here in the U.S. so I did a comparison and 2 skeins of Bernat Roving will do the trick! Easily found. This girl looks quick, easy and beautiful! Just click the photo for the free pattern online!

2.) Get your velvet yarn out and get ready! This girl is so beautiful and …. just look at the possibilities for adding a little sparkle to this hat! In some black and cream or black and blue …black and gray? This would be GORGEOUS for that Roaring 20s New Year’s Eve party!!!! Click her photo to purchase this now!!!!

3.) This Decoration looks familiar!!! I can’t wait to try my hand at making a few of these!!! Who knew women in the 20s were so practical AND stylish!? All of these hats look so warm! Definitely check out this pattern and many more on her site – she does amazing things with hats!!!!

4.) How ambitious are we feeling!? For my Tunisian crochet hookers out there, this is the perfect wrap for a 20s ensemble!!! I can easily see this draped over a flapper dress in silver or black….YUM! I wish had more patience! Go grab the pattern now!!!!

5.) This adorable stole is perfect over a wool coat to add that 1920s flair! It’s going to be a cold winter, so kick of the 20s in style and make some for your friends as well!! Click on her photo and download the free pattern!

6.) Okay, capelets were big in the 1920s but if I was going to put a 21st century spin on it … this would be it! A little asymmetry and a big wooden clasp….perfection! Casual or not, this beauty over a turtle neck is the perfect warm and fashionable statement during the cold weather!!!!

7.) If I’ve learned anything about 1920s fashion, it’s the patient attention to detail women used with their crochet while making things to wear. This little clutch is a perfect representation of that very thing! She is beautiful and I just my try this one out myself….

8.) Who is ready to get the tiny hooks out and tackle this stunning project? I know someone will and you should! This is the perfect 20s evening bag!!!!! She’s delicate, clearly handmade and carries only the essentials. Perfect.

9.) Last, but not least … the ever popular newsboy and beret for kiddos. Add a brim – newsboy! This pattern is simple and adorable, just as I imagine kids from the 1920s.

Whichever style you work with this year, it’s sure to be a fabulous time! I am looking forward to this new decade and everything it will bring!

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    Great blog!!!! So EXCITED for the 20’s!!!

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