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2019 Mardi Gras Crochet Round Up!

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It’s that time!!!! Here in our home, we’re preparing our menu for Fat Tuesday, ordering our cake and …. getting ready to party it up!!!! So I thought I would spend some time finding some awesome Mardi Gras crochet links for you!!!!

Let’s get festive! Here are my 10 favorite Mardi Gras links for this year:

1.) Let’s start with yarn. I mean, it’s what inspires us most, right!? Amazon was a bust for this one, but Etsy came through!!!! There are SO many Mardi Gras yarns available through these artists, this yarn is just one example. Isn’t it gorgeous!? Click on the photo to go buy this beauty!!!! Do a search and you’ll find even more amazing things!

2.) This free Mardi Gras mask pattern is to die for!!!! You still have plenty of time to run to the craft store and get the supplies you need to make some of these up!!!! Imagine the possibilities with beads!? Sexy and beautiful, this in purple would be amazing!

3.) No matter what you decide to create for this holiday, a Fleur de Lys is a must! I found a great pattern for a crochet Fleur! Bookmark this one! Not a whole lot to say about this one other than it really is a necessity when making up anything for Mardi Gras!

4.) If you would really like a great pattern for a Court Jester hat …. this one is spectacular! Imagine this with Mardi Gras colors! It would be amazing. Download it today and get hookin’!!!

5.) What Mardi Gras Princess doesn’t need a crown!? There are so many great crochet crown patterns out there, but I love this one! Get out your purple, gold and green and make this one pop!!!!

6.) Decorations are fun as well! Of course there’s no link to this, but we know how to make pom poms and string them up, right!? Fabulous idea for your Fat Tuesday celebration.

7.) Now, I found this photo for inspiration – I can just imagine what I would do with yarn and crochet flowers to make this one happen. But … if you’re not into putting out this much effort, you could also just order one of the many that are made and sold on Etsy! The particular wreath is no longer available, but the link will take you to some amazine Mardis Gras wreathes!

8.) Now…just to include something drool-worthy….look at these hooks! You could order these in your Mardis Gras colors for inspiration all year long!!!! Don’t tell me you’re not in love with them, they’re so beautiful….click the photo to order yours today!

9.) Now, I couldn’t find a pattern specifically for Mardi Gras coffee cozies but … this photo comes close! You could make up any one of your favorite coffee cozy patterns and sew on one of those Fleur De Lys you learned how to make at the top of the list! Huge hit for party favors, right!? Coffee in to-go cups with your cozy and beignets…..happy guests!!!!

10.) If you don’t want to make up any Fleur De Lys or if you’re struggling with the pattern …. buttons and charms work wonders with coffee sleeves!!!! Charms like these are easily tacked onto the top of your cozy and give a little bling without being too obvious.

No matter how you create around this holiday, whether it be with crafts, food, or otherwise, have a wonderful holiday and Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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