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12 Crochet Patterns of Christmas

This time of year, there is an abundance of yarn on sale (stock up, hookers!) and we always have friends and family asking for handmade gifts, secret santa gifts, hostess gifts, custom orders, and some of us drown in Etsy orders this time of year as well!

What if we could find some beautiful, fun things to make that everyone we know would love!? I’ve got your hookup right here! Welcome to December! Stock up on your yarn and go get these patterns!!!

1.) Baby Yoda is breaking the internet right now. I have to start off with this because it would make a wonderful gift for a friend’s desk, a child’s room, you could even dress him as Santa and keep him with the Holiday decorations! Make a smaller version and hang him on the tree? The possibilities make your mind tingle, right!? Click this lil’ guy’s photo to get the pattern on Etsy!

2.) Everyone needs a good winter scarf and every year there is something new and different that’s popular. So do some shopping at the stores and find a color scheme that’s selling out there this year and make this for someone special! You just need a yarn that works well with your Size I (5.5 mm) hook and BOOM! You’re a rockstar. Pattern is free online, just click the photo!

3.) Now, if you’re feeling a bit more ambitious and have a good grasp of your beginning level stitches, this next one is for you! A blanket cardigan! Asymmetrical and gorgeous! I kind of want to try this when the Holiday rush is over! Just look how gorgeous it turns out! And can you believe this pattern is free online!? Go grab it today and get yarn shopping!!!!

4.) I know we’re scoring on the free patterns this time around, so here’s another one! Cowls are more popular than ever and this one is so beautiful and looks like it works up pretty quickly! So many people enjoy the ease of just pulling a cowl over their head rather than bothering with a scarf! So yes, this gorgeous pattern is free online, who can you make one for!?

5.) Bobbles are big this season and what could be more stylish than Bobble Christmas Trees!!!!! You can choose some seriously fashionable colors and make these for even the most finicky of Holiday decorators!!! You can link to the pattern (not free on this one, but who’s complaining!?) by clicking on the photo. They’re so adorable!

6.) Definitely can’t have a roundup without a bag pattern! Boho is always a favorite and this dude is so cuuuuute! Students and young people especially love easy to grab totes and bags like this. I do have a bin full of cotton…..any excuse to buy beads, right!? Yeah, I need more supplies hangin’ around. But I really want to try a few of these this season! The pattern is FREE!!!! Go check it out!

7.) So I love hats more than anything, really. It’s my thing. But I think I might buy this pattern myself! I love, love this!!! I could use up some yarn on these for sure and I know they would sell like crazy so I know your family members would love them as well! And what a great unisex pattern; I always struggle to make things that appeal to the men. This might just be the ticket! Go get yours too!

8.) I know…again with the bobbles…but they’re so IN right now, why not take advantage of that? This bag is to die for, well worth purchasing the pattern. I would use this bag all summer at fairs and markets and to the beach and on shopping days …. Yeah, I need one or two. And to make a few more to sell….

9.) I love these little guys because they’re so different. They’re not red and green or cheesy, they’re classy lil’ dudes! The pattern is free and they would look fabulous sitting on a shelf or a table during the holidays!!!! And what a great gift for someone who is picky and only decorates with their favorite colors! (It’s me, I’m picky.)

10.) Okay, one more tree because …. we all want to use our Alligator stitch but can never find stylish or popular things to do with it … and this is awesome!!! You can decorate it when it’s finished or buy some little baubles and thread and give it as a kit for your favorite crafty person to decorate to match their own Christmas decor! My imagination is going wild with this one! Free pattern, y’all!!!!!

11.) We do have to include something baby, right!? These are so adorable and anything that reminds a mommy of the movie Frozen is a win! You can switch up the colors of course, class them up any way you like! Winter baby shower coming up? I kind of just want to make some just to have one pair on hand 🙂 Free pattern!

12.) Are we to the 12th day yet!? Oh good. So this little guy is the cheesiest, most adorable thing I have ever shared. Maybe. Yoda was pretty cheesy….but this guy is timeless and snowmen never go out of style! I definitely saved the most complicated pattern for last .. you’re welcome! The work would be so worth it for this dude, though. The pattern for him is yes, a FREE one!

So there you have my 12 days of Christmas Crochet Roundup!!!! I hope you’re inspired and have a ton of gift ideas for family and friends! Have a wonderful Holiday season, however you celebrate and we will begin working on new material after the Solstice!

Happy Hooking, Hookers!!!!

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