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Baby Loafers Pattern Review

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I recently bought some patterns on Etsy for some baby shoes as I was wanting to beef up this part of my shop and I have zero creativity when it comes to writing up patterns for shoes! Maybe someday. So of course I checked my favorite bootie shop, TwoGirlsPatterns.

When it comes to baby shoes, this is the place to hunt for ideas! There are many free patterns online for baby booties, shoes and sandals but nothing classy and gorgeous like the patterns you’ll find here!

So this is my version of their Crochet Pattern #104, Easy On Loafers. The pattern is very easy to follow and if you’ve every made a baby shoe before, you’ll do just fine with this pattern. No incredibly unique stitches, just simple and classy. I usually cheat and use Caron Simply Soft because I decide to make booties on a whim and I never really prepare. Maybe I should get my act together and do that.

I would not recommend this pattern for beginners, it would be very frustrating to follow this if you were just beginning. And here’s a huge tip: READ THE PATTERN THROUGH ENTIRELY before jumping in and going for it. I forgot this cardinal rule and ended up sewing on the top of the shoe upside down. When the pattern said, “Now turn inside out” I did a face palm and decided to just start over with the shoe. I know better than this! 🙂

I love these because they’re unisex and can be made in so many colors and they look so warm and comfortable. I highly recommend their patterns, I’ve bought them before and they never fail! My customers adore the items I make with these patterns and they always sell quickly.

Head on over to their Etsy Page and find a pattern you love!

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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