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Organizing That Yarn Stash!

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organizing your yarn stash

I know, a lady never reveals the size of her yarn stash….except I have to if I want to share this project with you 🙂

So, I was lucky enough to have 1/2 a closet set aside for my yarn. It was a disaster. bags hanging on hangers, plastic tubs stacked, paper bags of yarn stacked on top of those, open totes all over the house, yarn piles….needless to say my family was not exactly happy with this ongoing mess. Easily hidden in the closet, yes….but also easily dragged back out.

So after a binge of Marie Kondo on Netlix, I decided to get it together and get the yarn under control. But how? So I shelved the idea. (so to speak)

Then I watched a semi-documentary on Rachel Hollis that was really inspiring about branding yourself and setting goals and catapulting yourself into success….and I was jazzed! But it wasn’t until the documentary was over and she did a short and concise kick in the rear that I really HEARD my message from her.

Clean your space. I was down with that…Marie Kondo style. But she went a bit further with it: If you wake up every morning to a disorganized, cluttered mess…what kind of success are you manifesting? Does that make you feel motivated? Now, I’m just paraphrasing here but …. that’s what I took away from it. So I got my act together and went shopping online.

I measured the closet, I checked shelf sizes, and I decided on a solution. I chose a 12-cube organizer from Target that was on sale and since I was going to be using the cube space for yarn, I decided to use the cubbies for yarn, I got the larger totes I found at Walmart to stack on top of the shelf and on the shelf in the closet, giving me more room to store yarn! 🙂

To my surprise, once I started sorting and organizing …. I have more room now than I thought I did! And empty totes to use for my finished items! I am so pleased with my new, organized space and I wanted to share it here with you to inspire you if this has been one of your goals as well.

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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