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St. Patrick’s Day for Makers!

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The day of green is upon us!!! This year, I wanted to round up some fun green things for we hookers that would be fun. It isn’t always about patterns, right!? Here are some of my favorites around the internet right now:

1.) This is Universal Major yarn! I love using this yarn with my Rustic Cowl pattern and recently discovered this gorgeous green color. I am not a fan of green, but am trying to branch out and I love this so much. It isn’t super expensive, it has good yardage and the color fade is absolutely beautiful. Check it out and check your local yarn store to see if they carry it as well!

2.) Mermaid stitch markers! My inner little girl got a bit excited about these. 🙂 They’re green and they’re fabulous! As a hooker, I appreciate the claw markers that I can put in place and remove throughout my work. Most stitch markers are made for knitting needles! I always say Hookers get the shaft in the yarn and fiber world …. apparently the stitch marker world as well! But seriously, I love these.

3.) Oh this girl is gorgeous!!!!! I am starting to keep my eye on custom hooks and may be making a purchase soon. These are absolutely gorgeous!!!!! I love supporting small makers and this man does good work. There are colors and styles other than this one as well! But that green …. worth a visit to his site, he has some great things!

4.) I can’t avoid yarn, it’s my passion. This color is just amazing. Rich and deep colors and she dyes several different weights! I am completely in love with hand dyed yarn now and this is a very reasonable price! Her whole Etsy shop is filled with fun things for makers as well. Let’s support handmade businesses!

5.) Now, we do have our own Fort Shafter green pom in the shop (on sale until the end of March, BTW) but I went in search of others as well! I found these adorable Pistachio poms! Big and beautiful and she has plenty in stock! Well shoot….I may have to grab a couple…..

6.) I mean, I know we don’t use the ‘Y’ word when discussing these things, but this ‘baby alien’ pattern is so sweet!!!!! I know so many young moms that would love this teether as a gift at their baby shower, and I’m sure you do too! It’s affordable and super sweet …. I can include it here because it’s green! 😀

7.) Okay, back on yarn! I ordered one of these for a shawl that I’m still struggling to finish. My patience runs out so quickly with larger or delicate projects. BUT the yarns are amazing. My whole experience ordering from this shop was amazing and you won’t be disappointed! Just look at that incredible fade! If you’re looking for delicate shawl yarn …. this. Trust me.

8.) I know I’ve posted these before but …. crochet hook jewelry!? Yes, it’s a thing and what maker wouldn’t love it as a gift!? Or….for themselves? 🙂 I love the creativity and look! They have one in green. Perfect.

9.) You know I love a good, slightly inappropriate giggle. I mean, you’ve seen my merch shop right!? This coffee cup was made for crocheters like me. Without humor, what do we have left!? And yes, I am a super sleuth and I found a green one!!! Don’t you love it?

10.) If you’re wanting to indulge yourself, this is a beautiful yarn, dyed to order and just begging to be made into something gorgeous! It’s ethically sourced from Canada! I bookmarked it because I’m addicted to hand dyed yarns now. This color delicious and the perfect end to a fun little green blog for my fellow hookers. Go ahead, you deserve it!

However you spend your March 17th, have fun and be safe!

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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