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1.) It wouldn’t be Easter without bunnies, right!? I had to share this pattern because they’re so tidy and sophisticated. I just love them! I don’t do Ami but …. I know plenty of crocheters out there who do and these are just darling, as my Grandmother would have said. It’s a paid pattern and totally worth it, this is some beautiful crochet design!

2.) This blanket is the cutest thing! Baby’s first Easter commemorated with this gorgeous blanket! And so easily customized with whatever colors match the nursery Mom has painstakingly put together. This could easily be started and finished by Easter for those who are quick with crochet. And the pattern is free! Woo Hoo!

3.) No Easter would be complete without a basket! This pattern is free and so adorable. The free pattern for the eggs are included here as well. Why buy another basket from the store that you will have no idea what to do with until next year!? Make your own and make it a family heirloom!

4.) I love this snuggly bunny! Perfect for babies who still need something to snuggle, made with cotton so they can put it in their mouth all they like! I like a spin on an Easter Bunny that isn’t so generic and this is just perfect. I had to include it and the pattern is free online! As a mom who still washes a bunny from the baby years …. trust me this one will be loved for years to come!

5.) Egg cozies seemed to be a fitting pattern. Some parents are not fans of dyeing eggs and this will give them color without having to ingest artificial dyes! I have child who is sensitive, I totally understand! And yes, the pattern is free! 🙂

6.) These slippers are to die for!!!! Little bunny feet running around on Easter … yes please! This photo links to the toddler version of the pattern, but she has all sizes from baby to Adult on her Etsy, so you can find just the right size! I think our grown girl would even love these!!!! Go get yours today!

7.) I am just finding so many amazing things for kiddos today! This one is a free pattern as well and any parent who has had a kid squeeze an Easter egg….these will hold up much better and can be used year after year, adding new little surprise eggs every year if you like! Free pattern too!

8.) This is so adorable and I am seriously going to have to try this one. I remember how hard it was to find a simple white sweater to go over my daughter’s Easter dress every year. If only I had been crocheting like I am now! I love this pattern so much! With or without the hood – easy to customize and yes, FREE! Try it out and avoid the line of frustrated moms at the store this year!

9.) These would make such fun gifts for little girls in their Easter basket! My daughter had 3 girl cousins and they all would have looked so cute in these! I wish I could rewind the clock….plenty of time to make these for the girls in your life!

10.) I thought I would end with a bunny pattern too! As sophisticated as the bunnies up top are …. sometimes you just want a big, fluffy bunny. And this one certainly is! I can easily see this with a small newborn dress or some overalls …. it could be dressed up any way you like!

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