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Belated National Hat Day!

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January was so insanely busy; I can’t even… but I couldn’t pass up National Hat Day when we hookers are so very fond of making hats!!! So we’re late, but we always need hat ideas, inspiration and patterns!

1.) This bunny hat just makes me smile every time I see it, so I wanted to start out with it. I’m a Make and Do Crew fan so I wasn’t surprised when I found this! Perfect or Easter, which we are already starting to think about, and I can easily see making this with cotton and wooden buttons…a truly sustainable piece for baby’s wardrobe! You could match this hat to just about any Easter ensemble! Head on over and try this one out! Size 0-3 Months free in the link, larger sizes available for subscribers!

2.) This beanie is so pretty!!!!! Pattern includes 2 different looks and my Native blood REALLY loves the arrows version! Reasonably priced on Etsy and so stylish!!!!! I love my beanies with texture and I have a bin full of poms waiting for hats to sit upon! Definitely grab this one!

3.) Granny squares are popular lately and incorporating them into a hat is a bit unique. I love this hat and it makes me wish I had the patience to make granny squares! Paid pattern on Ravelry – my mind is already dizzy from the color possibilities, but these are absolutely gorgeous. Get yours today and share what you made!

4.) I love the classic look of this beanie! I do have customers who like funky and unique items but for each of them, there is at least 4 customers who like the classic look and calmer colors. This hat would be perfect to add to your collection in any colors for your brand. And any family member would love this as a gift in their favorite color as well! Ravelry has you covered, just click on the photo and head on over to get your pattern!

5.) The colors in this hat just jumped out at me but the construction is beautiful and I can’t wait to try one out for myself! This hat just looks warm and thick and I have the absolute perfect yarn for it! I know me, I would add a pom to this as well but I’ll race you to get a copy of the pattern! Ready, set ….. GO!

6.) Okay, let’s steer ourselves intos something a bit more fun and funky. These owls are to die for! We all have our niche, and I am not an Ami type but I can’t tell you how many kids I have seen go crazy for animal hats at craft fairs! I personally don’t enjoy putting them together for some strange reason? But I love them so much! Someone needs to get this pattern and make something amazing to show me what I’m missing out on!

7.) This one is for those of you who have the patience to use a C hook and want to spend a bit more time creating your art. I am madly in love with this hat! It is beyond gorgeous and screams 1920s and 1930s to me …. and these kinds of things just never go out of style! Vintage fashion at its best! Okay, I’m going to stop staring now. Head on over and get this one for your collection of projects!

8.) I have this one in my Etsy cart. I love this idea so much and it would be a great new project to use my remnants with! Always looking for new ways to use those partial skeins and such. And I know just the customer group that would absolutely die for these!!!! Definitely a fun project to let your imagination run wild!!!!! Not only would this keep you seriously warm in winter, it would make such an amazing conversation piece!!!!

9.) This girl would be gorgeous for winter in a warm wool or fun in spring with a cotton or a blend! I love the simple design but with enough character to spark all eyes for fashion! We all know I love putting a flower on a hat! You could even skip the flower and do a gorgeous hat pin! I will definitely be playing with this one for spring! And this pattern is FREE!!!! Love that.

10.) Again with a simple but gorgeous design! This is a free pattern and has variations for all sizes from adult to baby 🙂 So feminine and sweet and really not a difficult pattern if you’re looking to make something in larger quantities for your shop or for family photos.

I could post hats all day, I just love browsing new patterns and ideas! I hope you have plenty of inspiration to get started on some new projects, I know I do! As always, feel free to share what you made with these patterns on the Facebook post and ….

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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  1. Crystal

    I love this collection of hats!!! (Like I need more ideas 😂😂😂)

    1. ohanaboutique

      Thank You! I love them too 🙂 No way I need more ideas but … I have them now nonetheless hahahahaha

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