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Quick Last-Minute Market Builders for Your Crochet Booth!

You’ve done 3 markets, and you’re low on stock! You have 2 more shows booked …. what do you do!? Let’s explore some quick makes that could potentially save your bacon! All of these patterns are free, just click the photos to be taken to the sites for the pattern.

Ear Warmers

Ear warmers are popular with everyone of all ages! This fun pattern includes all sizes as well! Stock your shop with your colors and all sizes in no time! Video tutorial available as well 🙂

Speaking of quick – these girls can whip up in just 20 minutes! So many of my customers want something simple and inexpensive to keep warm, and these would check all of those boxes! Easily customized for your shop and your own customers! Make a stack tonight!


This quick and easy girl will be warm and these kinds of yarn are easy to find in just about any color palette! Word is: it works up in just an hour! You could easily stock your booth with a stack of these in no time!

Am I tooting my own horn? Maybe. But this is a free pattern and I have it down to an art now! I can make up one of these pretty girls in just one movie! 🙂 The bonus is: this project uses up those remnants and small amounts of leftover yarn that we don’t like to throw out! Use different weights and colors – coordinate your own palette!!!! These sell surprisingly well at shows; customers love them!!!

Mug Rugs

This one is a video pattern! Make up sets of 4 or 6 and watch these fly off of your tables! Customers like small gifts for acquaintances, stocking stuffers, and hostess gifts! These sell well and it’s a fun conversation starter with people walking by. See if you can find a mug vendor at your show who will lend you a mug you can plug for them and encourage people to put together a gift basket for a friend!

Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves are easily a best seller in my booths every year! People want their hands warm of course, but they still want to be able to type and text. There are so many patterns out there, and I am even working on a quick and easy one but this one here works up in about an hour (how quick are your stiches!?) and trust me when I say you can sell these as fast as you can make them!


Okay, hats are 100% my favorite thing to make! They inspire me. This chunky girl works up in just 30 minutes! And I’m guessing you can cut some time off if you attach a faux fur pom! Everyone needs to stay warm and nothing sells better in any given year than my hats. With the weather forecast for this winter, you better be stocked up!!!! If your stock runs low ….. whip a stack of these out and go keep people warm!!!!

Let’s talk about simple beanies! This pattern is basic, easy to crank out and the site has several sizes you can make. Not everyone wants a pom-pom beanie, this I know. So this basic design is great to make stacks of! Different yarns will give you a different result and it will look like a completely different style. Too bland or boring for you? Attach a flower! Which brings me to ….

Crochet Flowers

Any simple hat becomes something pretty and fun when you add a flower to the front/side! This is a simple flower pattern that can be made with any contrasting yarn in any color to add some character to a basic beanie. Sew a button in the center and make it look like art! Babies, little girls, and a surprising about of adults will love it!!!! Is one to small? Sew on a cluster of 3 or more!

If you want to make it a little more eye catching, this is a surprisingly simple design as well. Don’t let it intimidate you, it’s easier than it appears! Have fun with basic beanies and flowers and you can come up with all kinds of pretty things to sell in no time at all!

Hopefully we’ve found some fun and simple market makes to help you through those sell-outs and keep you stocked for the shows! The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting this winter to be long and cold …. it’s our duty as hookers to crochet all of the warm and fuzzies and keep the world warm! I have new patterns coming down the wire, even some freebies! This year will truly be our time to shine!

Get out that yarn stash and ….

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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