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May The Fourth Be With You

I couldn’t help it, I started researching patterns for this blog and just got caught up in it. I wanted to find some things that I didn’t see everywhere and that are less popular from what I see out there. So check these out; 7 Star Wars inspired crochet patterns for your May Fourth! Enjoy!

1.) Why not start off with a blanket? This is a must-have for any Star Wars fan and the charts are free! It just has everything all in one place, it’s perfect. If you have a fan in your life, they definitely would love and appreciate this!

2.) Okay, is this the sweetest baby idea you’ve ever seen!? I mean, the photo opportunities are endless. Family Halloween? May the 4th photo session? If you’re a fan, this would be the best baby photo you could imagine! And yes, the pattern is free … just click the photo.

3.) Star Wars just wouldn’t be complete without the Death Star! This stuffed pillow is amazing. The link will take you to a great description of how she put it together and some video tutorials and tips to complete this project. Perfect for home decor, a ball for baby, and child play! Okay, you can play with it too 😉 Go check it out!

4.) I feel like I’m starting to focus on villains….but this is incredible and posable! It’s a paid pattern on Ravelry and did I say it’s incredible!? The detail is just gorgeous, every Star Wars fan who crochets needs this pattern, hands down. Go get yours today! I mean, it’s May the 4th …. treat yourself!

5.) Oh my goodness, this is so perfect! I might be having more fun researching this blog than you will reading it! Ha! Absolutely astounded at the talent of our fellow hookers who come up with these patterns! Get your Millennium Falcon pattern now! It’s just priceless!!!!

6.) This Spacefighter blanket is so great! My son would have loved it when he was younger! What am I saying? He still would! Head over to Ravelry and get yours! I really wish I had the patience to tackle a project like this! But I know me….

7.) This Rey doll is so cute! This is one you don’t see as often, the classics are so much more popular. I admit, I have not seen the newest movies myself. I remember the old ones so fondly…. But this pattern is free and super cute! I love that Star Wars has characters that appeal to both boys and girls …. it’s always been that way!

This blog was just too fun to research! I walk down memory lane for sure! I hope your day is a good one, that you have found some good ideas to feed your creativity and ….

May the Fourth Be With You!

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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