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Fall 2021 Trends

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2021 has been a much more optimistic year than last year and the colors for Fall/Winter still reflect this optimism! The trends are fun and retro …. all of the fun things! I thought I would include some fun things to look for and shop for to get ready for Fall craft shows since most of the country is, again, optimistic and opening up for in-person shows! Maintain that on-line presence just in case, however – it never hurts to be cautious.

Let’s get into some fun!

1.) First things first! The colors for the upcoming season are projected here:

I keep this graphic handy while shopping for yarns and have come up with some great color combos!!!!!

2.) Now, aside from the colors above, there were specific trends regarding color that I noticed. First were bold and interesting/unusual color combinations! And though it isn’t shown here, lavender showed up a LOT on the runways for Fall/Winter. Especially paired with that Adobe color above. Or as they call it in the Fashion Blogs – RUST. I found a gorgeous colorway when I visited the Tosh website (don’t we love MT!!!!!???) So I am including the photo here with a link so you can go check it out! I know we can’t all afford expensive skeins like these, but there are plenty of solid color yarns we can pair up from our local shops as well. I like to pair inexpensive solids with these expensive skeins to make them go a bit further – Hobby Lobby has some great merino wool solids that go well with my expensive pretties!

3.) Big bags are in this Fall and while I love my crossbody bags, this could really be fun to do! I found a fabulous, big bag and the pattern is free!!!!! Just look at that beast! Imagine it in lavender!!!! Style, style, style. Whatever your favorite big bag pattern is, make sure you stock up on them this year, they will be popular!

4.) Crochet halters have been popular, but cutouts are very in right now! So whatever halter you choose (and yes, women are wearing them under jackets for Fall), be sure you have some cut out features to keep that 2021 vibe alive! This pattern is simple and gorgeous and it’s a free download on Ravelry! Just click the photo to the right and download your copy!

5.) Sweater vests are big this year. I remember in the 90s wearing sweater vests with collared shirts…well it’s back! I tried to find a nice, simple design that can easily be customized with color work, but there are many out there! These will be staple fashion pieces for Fall, so be sure to jump on the train! This is a free pattern online and she even included a video tutorial so either way you like to learn your patterns, this one is available!

6.) Patchwork has made its way onto the runways as well! This is a fun way to use up scraps and play with color combinations for many projects! I love this bag for 2 reasons. You can decide the size of your squares, your textures, your colors AND Big bags are in so go for broke! Free video tutorial and graphic for pattern layout. How much fun are these!? Line them, don’t line them …. I love the possibility for imagination here.

7.) Feathers and beads and sequins! ‘A Night Out’ was a major theme in a lot of collections as well. The world is ready to get out and party after being shut away, and it reflects in the fashion world for sure. I am sharing my flapper hat here, it’s free here on the blog and you can customize with any beaded or feathered clip! I like Hobby Lobby’s sparkly velvet for these, but I make them with all of my velvet yarns, really. A simple feathery flair for a night out to keep your head warm! I can’t wait to make some with black velvet!!!!!

8.) Knit is having its day this year and yes, we hookers CAN jump into that pool! I chose these patterns because sometimes simple is what people are looking for! These are perfect for unisex hats at shows. Add a fur pom and it’s a whole new look! Talk about stash busters – these could go through some serious yarn! In all of those 2021 colors, these will be a big hit, no doubt! Yes, it’s a paid pattern but it’s 4 patterns in one! Bargain.

9.) Artisan pieces are a big deal next season and the emphasis seemed to be on handmade, knit and crochet and the like. So here is our chance to work on those over-the-top, expensive patterns that we are dying to make! People will be looking for them! Imagine being a fashionista out and about or surfing Etsy and coming across an item like this! A must have for your collection! One-of-a-kind is a big deal right now, so don’t be afraid to do bigger projects, more time consuming projects and use some seriously gorgeous yarns. I’m just drooling over this jacket! Someone make one and share it with us please!

10.) Speaking of artisan pieces …. this one is a bit less complicated and simply stunning, I just couldn’t help but share it here! I know exactly the customers that would love this piece. Paid pattern again but …. wouldn’t it pay for itself really?

11.) Oversized everything! Don’t go all Lenny Kravitz or anything, but oversized is definitely IN right now. I love this poncho and it’s a perfect example of just a little too much but still beautiful! If you’re wanting a piece that will make a fashion statement while being practical and warm, this is definitely IT! Grab those 2021 colors and start hooking!

12.) Cropped sweaters were big in the 90s and if my stepdaughter has shown me anything, it’s that 90s fashion is certainly back! I love this simple pattern with some interesting detail on the arm. Tip: If you can imagine a character on the show Friends wearing it, it will probably be in style now. Seriously. Even the movie Clueless! matching sets, plaids and the like are back. Even knee socks and Mary Janes. 90s style all the way!

13.) While we’re on cropped sweaters, let’s include this beauty! I love the versatility and the different looks you can attain with the different ways it can be worn! 90s kids would have loved this kind of thing! And Yes, I can totally see Monica wearing this with a stylin’ pear of jeans, can’t you!? The pattern includes 5 sizes and could be a winning addition to your fall collection!

14.) Hooded everything for 2021! Hoods, snoods, bigger the better…..crazy hoods on the runways. I wanted to start with something a bit more whimsical. I live in Oregon and oddities are always popular here with many different crowds, but these would be a huge hit here, especially this year. Talk about combining warmth, color play, uniqueness and an artisan piece with a hood all in one! This screams 2021 to me and it looks like so much fun! I definitely want to try this one out myself.

14.) This sweater is everything with that hood!!!!! Finally a free pattern that blows my socks off! I love this drape and I just can’t get over that hood. So many options with this one and the longer length gives it that oversized feel, don’t you think? DK weight yarn will keep it less bulky but somehow it just works for this year in my mind.

15.) Speaking of longer sweaters, I remember dusters being popular in the 90s, don’t you!? A duster, jeans, and some dress ankle boots. You could play with color combos on this pattern or just do solids as well, which we know is popular! One color entire outfits are in this season so don’t be afraid to just use one solid color. I love this pattern!!!!! And yes, it’s a free one!

16.) This piece just has everything for this fashion season! Cropped, cable knit, hood….and it’s gorgeous enough to be considered an artisan piece, don’t you think? One solid color …. it’s just perfect. I 100% want to make this! Paid pattern, and more than worth it! The pattern is for a size small but some measuring and imagination and you could customize it for any size! I really think my daughter needs one!

17.) One last pattern – we can’t forget the kiddos!!!! I love this so much. The texture, the color customization options, the hood…. Come to mama!!!!! Can be made in child sizes 2 through 8 and would be a gorgeous gift for the little ones in your life! I may make a few to sell….plotting for Fall! You’ll see in the photos that they pair it with a beret and it’s absolutely fabulous! It’s now officially in my Etsy cart.

See how well I did staying away from hats only!? Pretty proud of myself. This season is full of crochet, knit, ski wear and unique color combos OR solid colors from head-to-toe. Start planning your projects and ordering your yarns so you’re prepared! Share your projects with us here in the comments or send us pics on Instagram! We love crochet everyday, all day! Have fun prepping and ….

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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