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National Cuddle Up Day Round-Up!

It’s the freezing time and how fitting that today would be National Cuddle Up Day!? We have found some seriously warm patterns for you to enjoy – 7 to be exact! So grab that steaming cup of tea or coffee and let’s explore…

crochet blanket pattern

1.) First on the list just had to be a blanket! This girl looks so warm and inviting and with a larger hook, you can make one of these up in one weekend nestled in with family! Color options are endless and these always make great gifts and accents around your home! This pattern is free and very user friendly!

crochet teddy bear pattern

2.) This little bear is so adorable and soft for someone small to nuzzle during naps! What a fun, free project to work on during the cold winter nights and those sweet jammies can be made to match any nursery or child’s bedroom decor! I have not ventured into the Ami world but this is just too cute not to share!

crochet pillow pattern

3.) Live in a warmer climate and plan on cuddling up outdoors? These pillows are portable and look amazing! Easily slip your arm through the handle and go! It’s a free pattern and make any outdoor picnic or cuddle time stylish and beautiful! Indoors for play dates and tea parties would work perfectly too with a thicker yarn!

crochet cardigan pattern

4.) This sweater is begging to be worn while reading a book and sipping coffee! I love that this sweater is stylish AND will keep you warm hiding away on cold days! Just my style! Pattern is free and includes sizes XS/S to XXL! Go check it out now!

crochet baby onesie

5.) Now this is a paid pattern (our luck had to run out eventually!) but if any pattern screams cuddly, it’s this one! It’s available in 5 sizes up to 2 years and I can just imagine how warm it must be when finished! Definitely check this one out.

crochet dog sweater pattern

6.) I couldn’t dare leave out our furry friends on this one! Winter is tough for some dog breeds and if you’re lucky enough to crochet AND own a dog … then this one is definitely for you! While I’m sure your fur baby is already well dressed, this looks like a warm gift for your friend that you could personalize and make on repeat to keep them warm. Free pattern and I love her photos 🙂

crochet baby sweater pattern

7.) This is to die for and I couldn’t help but include it here. The design looks beautiful and the possibilities are endless. How adorable would this be for baby in cold weather!? This pattern is a paid pattern and it’s pricey but … it looks like a lot of work went into designing and it does include 5 sizes. Less expensive versions are available on her Etsy if you’re looking to make a specific size as well so definitely follow this link and go exploring around her site!

And there you have it – a list of lucky 7 cozy, cuddly projects to inspire you during the winter months! Whether you’re making things for family and friends or looking for things to add to your own crochet business for next fall – I hope we managed to spark some creativity!

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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