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6 Ways to Use up Those Yarn Scraps!

It always happens.  We finish a project and have just a bit of yarn left over.  Not enough to make another hat or scarf …but it hurts to just throw it away, am I right?

Here are 6 ideas for that yarn you just can’t toss:

baby beanies made with caron x pantone yarn free pattern

1.)  I have one bag for yarn that is just enough to make up baby hats … they use a much smaller amount of yarn and babies need warm and fuzzies too! Don’t sell your products and no babies in the family? Baby hats can be donated to your local hospital for newborns, or look into your local homeless shelters, women’s shelters, and foster care centers.

2.)  Make up some flowers!  I use flowers a lot on my hats, they don’t use up much yarn and it’s always nice to have some on hand! There are free flower patterns all over the internet, so if I have only a bit of yarn, I find a flower I can make with it!

coffee sweaters are a great way to use up small batches of yarn

3.)  Make coffee sleeves for you and your family, or to sell! 


Scarf made with yarn scraps

4.)  Color coordinate your scraps and make classic scarves with trim!  I have a fabulous guide for this idea.


Ugly blanket made with yarn scrams from finished projects

5.)  Start an Ugly Blanket!!!  Since I started this, I hated wasting yarn, even a 24″ strand.  So I tie them together and make yarn balls and I have a blanket that is on-going with all of the scraps I have left since I started crocheting!  It will never sell, it will never be beautiful but it WILL be warm and it’s full of memories of all the hats and scarves I’ve made!

6.)  Make up some pom-poms for sewing on hats later!  Small, large …. we always need them for a hat, right!?  Sometimes the pom pom will spark the idea for a hat!  You just never know….

What are your favorite projects to do with leftover yarn scraps?  Share them with us in the comments!!!

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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