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The Ugly Blanket made with yarn scraps from finished projects

The Ugly Blanket

If you’re anything like me, throwing yarn out is painful; even the scraps. Crochet uses up a LOT of yarn compared to knitting, so what may look like a good scrap of yarn to a knitter is essentially useless to we hookers.

Long ago when I first starting making my hats and scarves, I saved these scraps and one day decided to just tie them together and make a blanket. This is my on-going ugly blanket. I haven’t worked on it in a while and there are PLENTY of scraps waiting to join these rows.

It is not beautiful, it has no rhyme nor reason and …. I change hooks sizes because I forget which one I was using AND don’t hide the knots so …. it’s misshapen and well, UGLY. But it WILL keep my family warm when it’s finished and it’s a great conversational piece! So she continues to grow and I waste no yarn!

Do you have ugly projects that you make using your scraps? Share them here in the comments and give us some more ideas!

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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