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Boho Bag Pattern Review

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I was brainstorming things to make during the summer months instead of hats ….the man suggested handbags and I thought nah…that’s a whole different world than what I do. Then somehow the pattern for this bag made its way into my feed and a light bulb went off. I don’t have to do lined purses! What about boho bags!? Okay, I might still do some lined purses but this is where I’m at in my evolution.

This pattern is available FREE ONLINE HERE and once I read through it, I realized that I needed to work with 2 strands at a time. So to the craft store I went!!!

I found Caron Cotton Cakes at Michaels and bought two so I could work with 2 strands easily. I have a TON of that yarn left. I had also never worked with it, so it was fun to get the feel of Caron’s cotton. It is a bit more corse than working with Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton. That stuff is the softest sweetest cotton I’ve ever encountered. But I love the depth of color in the Cotton Cakes, it is perfect for this bag because it almost has a leather look to it. I’m in love, let me tell you.

Back to the pattern! It’s so easy to follow and there are video tutorials, I had no problems. When I got to the straps I do think I misunderstood the stitch and I didn’t watch the video, but what I came up with seemed to work great, so I went with it!

I have made some bags since finishing this one since it inspired me and the construction of this bag is just amazing. I would highly recommend you head on over and try it out! The bags are gorgeous!!!! I’m going to drop down to the suggested hook size for the yarn and work the pattern with a single strand, see how a smaller version turns out. Playing with this pattern has been so fun and inspirational!!!! Have fun with it, you won’t be sorry!

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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  1. Crystal

    That’s a great idea! Now to make belts to match 😲 and maybe little girl with dollies size to match to 😲😲😲 yay!

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