You are currently viewing National Mad Hatter Day!

National Mad Hatter Day!

I love me some Mad Hatter and, well, everything about hats! I know you were all proud of me for not putting even one hat in my last blog but …. today I get to go crazy er …. MAD! I have found some bizarre, strange, odd, and just plain FUN hat patterns for you all and today is the day! Let’s get to it:

1.) To start with, why try to have fun without a Jester hat? This one is well constructed and I can hear the bells from here. Use Mardi Gras colors and this hat could be perfect for Fat Tuesday in a few months as well as a Christmas Elf! Download this one and let your imagination run wild 🙂

2.) Okay, now when I said crazy, I meant silly! Not only is this a Mad Hatter hat but … it’s tiny. Because why not? You’re welcome! 🙂 Click the photo and it will take you to the video tutorial – Christmas ornaments anyone?

3.) I know it isn’t even Halloween yet, but I know we’re all focused on the Holidays at this point, so why not include these? I can see a table full of these hats with all kinds of mini decorations and tinsel – decorate your own Christmas Tree hat? Sounds like a sold out show to me!!!!! Get hookin! And SCORE! It’s a free download on Ravelry!

4.) While we’re getting kooky, let’s focus on October for a minute ….. and the crazy cat ladies! No judgement here, we have 3 to 4 cats on any given day that we feed and cuddle so … I get you. But none of ours would tolerate a hat of any kind …. but I know someone’s cat out there will! What a great item for October shows as well!

5.) Why a turkey hat you ask? Why not!? Be the star of Thanksgiving Day …. be famous while Black Friday shopping … make it your Halloween Costume …. I can honestly think of a million reasons to wear a turkey hat , if for no other reason than to just be plan cuckoo! It’s what this post is about, after all.

6.) One should always be willing to make a statement if you ask me and this does it! Everyone will love it, it’s a great conversation piece and I think a pile of these would make a great family photo on this year’s Holiday Card! I know you didn’t need another deadline for a Holiday project but isn’t this one worth it!? Jeez …. don’t bite my head off!

7.) Bonkers, mental, BERSERK! Crazy like a FOX! It doesn’t have to make sense, we’re all mad here! We can take this in any direction that pops into our mind …. so here is a fox hat pattern for no particular reason! It’s a lovely one.

8.) And finally, an ami pattern for the man himself: The Mad Hatter. I may not understand the amigu … amiga ….. ammy-go-rummy….. oh you know what I mean …. but I love them and I think this one is epic! Go get ’em!

And that, my hookers, is my Crazy 8 for Mad Hatter Day!!!!! Get out those hooks and go have some fun this weekend.

Happy Hooking!!!!!

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