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Crochet Seashell Purse Pattern Review

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Okay, this beauty has made a huge splash among my friends and followers, so I will share the deets on this gorgeous girl here!

I found the pattern for this bag HERE and modified it to fit my own style. You may prefer the original version, it definitely spoke to me when I found it, but if you would like to know my variations, that’s what this blog is about!

I followed the pattern exactly using Caron Cotton Cakes yarn and a size H (5.00mm) crochet hook.

Then I tucked a crochet button into that neat little arch the center of the bag makes:

Sew that button onto your bag where you see fit. The more it protrudes, the better the loop with stay shut.

To make a loop to hook around your button, simply sl st to center of back panel of purse, ch as many as you need and sl st back into same stitch. Finish off, tie in ends and you can hook that loop around your button!

I chose to make my own crochet strap, which is just a few rows of double crochets and sewn between the panels, but there are plenty of strap options you can sew on for your bag.

Finally, that pendant! I found this one on Joann’s website but there are many options you can use to make your seashell look like a treasure from the deep! I think it added the punch I wanted.

Whichever embellishments you choose or if you choose to stick with the original pattern, I’m sure your bag will be gorgeous!

A couple of thoughts on this pattern as I went along and made my own mistakes:

1.) Don’t try to multitask too much while making up this bag! Counting and reading was very important in the process and I frogged way too much on this bag on each of the panels!

2.) Leave yourself enough time to make both panels consecutively so that you remember to use the same process and count the same stitches on your edging! My 2 panels turned out with a different count of stitches around the edging that I corrected but … now feel like I need to make another so I get it right!

Enjoy creating and Happy Hooking!!!!!

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