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Volcano Scarf

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Crochet scarf made with Lion Brand Landscapes yarn in Volcano

This scarf was a custom order and I am absolutely in love with her!  I used Lion Brand Landscapes Yarn in the color ‘Volcano’ and Holy Hooking!  It is stunning.

I wanted a pattern that would showcase the colors in these yarns, as they are my favorite to work with currently.  Also, since this is for a younger girl, I wanted to make it fun and hip so I added the knotted fringe …. I will end up making one for myself, I know this already.  I love how this turned out! 49585691_559338374564437_6531145471816105984_n

Okay, enough.  Get hooking:


2 Skeins Lion Brand landscapes yarn

Size L (8.00mm) Crochet Hook

Pattern Notes

  • When you get close to the end of the 1st skein of yarn, check to see where the color pattern begins on your next skein.  when you get to the same point in your 1st skein, start working with the new skein and just keep going.  Tie the end strand of the 1st skein and beginning strand of the 2nd skein together in a double knot and 49640349_224161251710013_3000439426858876928_nweave into the scarf to hide your joining stitch.
  • Remember that I crochet tight and precisely, so if you are a loose hooker (just laugh, it’s funny!) you might want to scale down to a K hook if the first couple rows are coming out too loose.


ch. 20

Row 1: hdc in 2nd stitch from hook (in the back ‘lump’ or underside of the stitch), hdc in each stitch to the end (19 stitches)

Rows 2 – end: hdc in back loop only across, turn, ch 1 (19 stitches each row)

When scarf is desired length, ch 1, cut yarn with 5″ tail, pull through ch. 1 and tightenCrochet scarf made with Lion Brand Landscapes yarn in Volcano

Fringe:  cut 2 pieces of yarn approx. 10″ – 12″, loop through first stitch and tighten, repeat across as the colors fade to get the above effect.

Knot each strand at the end and trim to make even, then tie 2 knots randomly on each strand for the ‘pearling’ effect.


If you have any questions about this pattern, please comment below or message me!  You are free to sell anything you make from this pattern, but please do not duplicate and sell this pattern or copy my photos and pattern without linking back to his blog.

Thank You and Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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