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National Coffee Day!

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No one loves to celebrate coffee more than this hooker right here! This glorious brew gets me going everyday, soothes me at night and generally makes me a better person 🙂

In honor of National Coffee Day, I wanted to bring together some of my favorite things that combine crochet with our beloved coffee! Let’s get to it…

1.) This is hands down my favorite template to use displaying my coffee sleeves! It’s free to download and print, looks great on white or natural paper, and my customers actually love to take them with their purchase so the person they’re gifting knows right away how to use the sleeve. Don’t laugh! Before I used these, I had customers putting them on their wrists because it wasn’t 100% clear what they were. Having these in my display has been a game changer! And free is an excellent price! If you know your way around a .pdf file, you could easily customize it as well. Click the photo to download yours!

2.) Now, this one is super adorable! What better gift for a coffee-loving friend than coffee mug coasters!? I may have to make up some of these just to try it. The pattern is free! The page is a LOT Of Starbucks branding but …. this pattern is 100% worth it for me!

3.) Okay, so this isn’t directly associated with coffee, but the color of Scarfie yarn is called Cappuccino so …. it counts! I love this ‘bean’ stitch and this yarn really does work up perfectly with it! Trust me when I say that when I make one of these in the Cappuccino color….it sells right away. It’s warm, gorgeous, and reminds us of food! The pattern is free, just click the photo and grab one of those Scarfie skeins from your stash!

4.) It’s Autumn, so when I saw these gorgeous leaf coasters, I couldn’t resist including them! And you guessed it: the pattern is free! I love these colors as well….but the possibilities are endless! These would be a beautiful touch to any kitchen or living room in any color combination. Get out those tiny hooks and let’s get creating! Click the photo for the free pattern on Ravelry!

5.) Okay, now I have my own Free Mug Rug Pattern on the blog, but you’ve probably been there and done that. Me too. So when I saw these frilly girls, I was excited! This would be a great project for beginner hookers and it looks to be an amazing way to perfect your fringe! I have to say, I don’t think I know a woman who wouldn’t love a set of these to set her coffee on at home or work! Home office time is becoming the norm, and a set of these in your work space is a huge YES! Free pattern! Click the photo!

6.) So I don’t make cozies for mugs, but I am in love with this one! This one fastens with a button, has 2 leaves that wrap around that mug and those leaves….can be used as small pockets for goodies. Game changer! Most of the patterns I share are written patterns, but this a free video tutorial! I know there are many hookers out there that prefer visual instruction, so this one is for you!

7.) Now I have my ever-faithful Coffee Sweater pattern here on the blog, but I love exploring other cozies. These are a paid pattern, but you get instructions for all 4 cozies and these Fall beauties are so cute! As someone who sells the things I make, I consider buying patterns an investment. My customers would love these 🙂 Click the photo and go check it out!!!

8.) Okay, yes…this is a Pumpkin Spice Latte 🙂 You love him, right? I know my Ami hookers out there are itching for something to stuff, so I found this little guy to round out this blog and I truly hope you all make at least one because this pattern is fabulous! Fabulous and FREE! I found so many great free things for you today! Okay, go make a latte.

Whatever you decide to put on your hooks on this National Coffee Day, I hope I have at least inspired you to brew some coffee while you create. I crochet faster with coffee, and now I’m inspired to add some coffee items to the shop!!!!

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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