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The Cheshire Cat Spiral Stocking Cap

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Finally a blog featuring another artist!  I would like you to meet Crystal of Inspired Additions.  We are crochet buddies, both from Oregon, with very different styles.  Her whimsical creations are unique and fantastical, very different from my own.

When she posted pictures of this Cheshire Cat hat … I fell in love!  Its metal ‘We’re all Mad Here’ tag just seals the deal for me.  I asked her if she would like to be a production partner and if she would let me feature her here.  I love this hat so much and I want everyone to see it!

As with most projects, the inspiration comes from somewhere.  When I asked Crystal if the yarn inspired the hat, or if it was the tag, she told me, “I got the tag first, and it lay dormant in waiting until I started creating with a yarn cake that I actually had planned for a custom hat, but was rejected because it was 49536014_287706691935766_585688029977378816_n-001[apparently] destined to be a Cheshire cat.”

This hat is made with Yarn Bee Sugarwheel yarn, it is the perfect coloring for the mysterious Cheshire cat!

Crystal is currently working on an Elvish-style line of hats and I can’t wait to see where this takes her!  They are sure to be fabulous!!!  Brainstorming with her is so much fun, imaginations run wild!

As she says, “These hats become their own characters.”  Amen, sister.  I know exactly what you mean!  Sometimes when you sit with yarn and a needle, something just creates itself.

The Cheshire Hat is available on the ‘Ohana Etsy page, you can link through the
Crochet Cheshire cat stocking cap made with Yarn Bee sugarwheel yarnblog or message us.  These hats are made to order, so they take a bit of time to get out to customers.  The yarns are unique in their pattern, so no two hats are exactly alike.  For an additional fee …. wait for it … the faux fur pom pom!  How kittylicous is THAT!?  Order yours ahead of time so we can be sure to get it to you in time!

We are indeed, all mad here.


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