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Gettin’ Nerdy With It

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The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet 2nd Edition book

I thought I would take a break from creating and get my thoughts together. I came across this book during a yarn shopping spree at Joann Fabric (stay tuned) and I had to buy it. I am going to spend a few days just reading about these stitches and soaking up the amazing variety of things one can do with a simple hook in their hand!

Some of these stitches I have never seen or even heard of. Rather than become obsessed and start trying to use them all at once, I want to take my time to really practice with them and enjoy them for a bit.

This book is very easy to follow, very descriptive and the photos are perfect. When it says complete …. it really is thorough! We’re talking Edgings, Mesh, Lace, Ripple, Tunisian, Bobbles, Popcorns, Puffs, Shells, even Hairpin and Broomstick lace!!! Flowers, Granny Stitches, patterns, shapes …. I feel like everything my Grandmother never got to teach me is right here in this book. A lot of these things I have experimented with using patterns I have found online or purchased but as I am starting to explore my own pattern writing, I am so thankful this guide found me!!!!

I am a book lover and a lover of reading so …. get ready coffee, because we are going to devour this one!!!!

I did find this book on Amazon HERE but I saw that Barnes & Noble carries it as well. And yes, there is a Kindle edition!!!!! If you love stitches and crochet as much as I do, you will enjoy this very much.

Now to figure out why it took me so many years of working with yarn to actually buy a book and learn stitches….why did this never occur to me!? Why ask why?

Got get yourself one and……

Happy Hooking, Hookers!!!!!

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