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Damn the Yarn Sales!!!!!!

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Yarn sales at Joann Fabric and Hobby Lobby

You may wonder why, someone who has been crocheting for years has never really spent time exploring Hobby Lobby yarns. Let me give you a glimpse into my strange mind.

Have you ever noticed how a lot of the yarns you see at Hobby Lobby list only needle sizes for knitting and mention nothing about crochet? Well….fledgling me found that annoying and I just never got over it. HAHAHAHAHA

ANYWAY! It all started innocently enough, as I’m sure you know all too well. I was looking for some color combinations to work on some Valentine’s projects. I’ll save you the suspense….there isn’t much in the big box stores right now.

I think that’s why I just never spent time there. I do adore the I Love This Yarn, however. It’s got so many colors available and is so much softer and more manageable than Red Heart Classic or Super Saver, which tends to be too rough and frankly just cheesy looking for me.

Then, while getting some notions for a friend, I found some of the inspiration tags I use for my coffee sweaters on sale …. I needed those as well.

Then, while in the yarn section, no I didn’t find any amazing color combos for Valentine’s Day, I just picked up some I Love This Yarn in VD colors BUT …. ALL yarn was 30% off!!!! I mean ….. come on …. so I combed the aisles and found plenty of things I wanted to work with. Textures in this big box store are really hard to resist. So many blogs to come with this exploratory experiment!!!!

But …. I also needed to stock up on my Lion Brand Landscapes yarn and I knew my local Joann Fabric had 3 skeins of the color I am obsessed with.

Well…….. Lion Brand was 25% off. Why do they do this to us!? I also had a coupon so if I spent so much, I get a big chunk of a discount. So I stocked up on my favorites there and grabbed some things to play with and try out as well. All in the name of the blog, you know!

Bottom line …. $200 later and the above pile of goodies later and the guilt has set in. This doesn’t even count the Etsy sales I shopped, the pom poms I ordered OR the new big box website I ordered from that hasn’t arrived …. all in the name of the blog and my new intention for 2019 to work on my products all year and save myself the stress in the fall.

Granted….I have probably $400 worth of product here and …. this helps keep production costs down but ….. I feel like it’s becoming a problem. When does it end? Or do I just give in and build some shelving units?

I’m hoping my new CROCHET BOOK will help me focus on playing with yarns and working up new patterns rather than going out and collecting



Wish me luck! How has your yarn stash grown through this sale season? Am I alone here?

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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