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Crystalskye’s Hand Dyed Yarn Review

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Crystal Skye's Hand Dyed yarn in Berries and Cream and Hawaiian Christmas

As I have mentioned before, I am on a mission to discover new yarns and experiment with creating new patterns.  So when these yarns that I had favorited on Etsy popped up on SALE …. I couldn’t resist!!!  I ordered one each of these colors from Crystal Skye’s Hand Dyed to play with and they have now arrived!!!!

I have to share the package because it was SO cute with paw prints everywhere and a Happy New Year message! My order also came with extra goodies!!!! A business card, of course, with a kitty charm! *swoon* Kitty may go into my charm collection for a future Coffee Sweater! There was also a small sample of a knitters hand lotion, which I tried … it was silky and hydrating but not oily – loved it! And if you know me, I’m an organic freak and can’t handle artificial smells …. this didn’t bother me at all. Oh, and of course … chocolates! I loved the the little surprises, SUCH a cute touch to shipping orders.

So the skeins I ordered were worsted weight (I do like my heavier yarns) in the dyed colors, Hawaiian Christmas and Berries and Cream. Both are beautiful and just as described. I’m afraid the worsted weight is sold out now, but both are still available in fingering weight.

So the 1st thing we notice is the colors, but the 2nd thing most yarn lovers will do is sniff the yarn. Some dyed yarns will smell of vinegar or a dying agent and … it’s just a thing we do; we sniff.

So yes, I sniffed both skeins! You’re welcome. And no, they do not have a vinegar smell. They smell pleasant, actually!

Her labels are adorable and overall I am very happy with my order and I can’t wait to follow up with a blog USING these beauties!!!! What, oh what would you ladies like to become!?

Check out her Etsy page, friends! Favorite her shop, her gorgeous yarns … enjoy!!!

Happy Hooking, Hookers!!!!

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