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Handmade Clothing Tags

What an interesting project this has been! Let’s just say, I’m not a whiz in the paper arts area. Now, I fully intend to explore some Etsy shops who can make me some tags and spare me this project so I can focus on my crochet but … I have told you before that my roots are very GRASS and I wanted to see if it was possible to do it on your own for less if you absolutely had to. Turns out … you can! Here are some supplies I gathered for this, all found at Joann Fabric:

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One circle cutter (if you even need to make circles), one hole punch in your desired size, Glue Dots and a metallic pen. I used the metallic since my tag is black, but you could use any color you choose. I would really like to find a rose gold one!!! Including embroidery thread and card stock, this project cost $30. Purchasing a paper cutter was an added expense but … if you already have one – no problem! And we all have coupons for the craft stores, right!?

So first I used Word to create a ‘label’ and used word art to make that circle of text you see here. Some Googling and playing around with your logo and brand and you can create something perfect for you.

Once I had printed them out, I sized the circle cutter to my logos here and let me tell you….this takes more practice than you would imagine! NOT as easy as it looks. I’m still searching YouTube for a technique that I may have overlooked. But I did get some that turned out well, so I am on my way!

Using a paper cutter, I cut my black card stock into squares a bit larger than my logos and used the glue dots to secure the two together the way I wanted. They hold very well, BTW!

Then, of course, I punched my small hole and cut 13″ of embroidery thread, folded it in half and knotted the ends together and strung it through the tag. I am also including an example of the pen on this black paper – gorgeous! If I only I could find someone to write my tags up with nicer handwriting than my own 🙂

It’s always possible to print them up with sizes if you aren’t using black…I was just making this work for my own color scheme.

Overall, once I figure out this circle cutter and become a pro at perfect circles …. I would definitely use these on my wholesale orders for retail! If you know me at all, I love branding my products! If you don’t plan on using circles, your job will be even easier!

Make your own clothing tags

Now the search for professionally done tags will begin….so stay tuned for that blog soon!

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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