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Rox Creations Co Order Review

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faux fur pom poms from Rox Creations Co

So my first few years doing local craft fairs, my mother stumbled upon this lovely woman selling faux fur poms for hats. She was selling beanies as well, but my mom decided I needed some of these poms

This was prior to the faux fur pom craze and I wasn’t sure pom poms would sell well. You should always listen to your mother, right!? Well, I put them on hats and they of course sold …. and now my pom collection is ridiculous.

There are many people out there making and selling poms now, but I have a soft spot in my heart for that sweet woman at the craft fair. So this order I wanted to share with you all, because I love them, I love her style and …. she’s fabulous. She is Rox Creations Co. Now, here in Oregon we fiercely promote our own. So I am happy to plug her website and her Etsy site for you here. Get ready for some Pom Porn!!!!

My order arrived and each pom was individually wrapped, carefully, and when I unwrapped each one, they were gorgeous. I could tell they were lovingly packed away and sent to their new home.

I ordered three different poms in various quantities, but I was gifted with 2 bonus poms as well!!! The top three below were the poms I ordered. From left to right, The Bellatrix Lestrange, The Pom-Egranate, and The Luna Lovegood. The bottom 2 poms were a bonus and they appear to be The Hedwig (left) and The Ellie Mae (right)

If you’re thinking “These names are GREAT!”, I couldn’t agree with you more!!!! Roxann is most definitely a soul sister as most of her poms are named after characters and other things in Harry Potter movies. I love it!

So back to my order! As you can see in the photos, these come with a nice long tail for tying on, which I love! We can all buy in bulk on Amazon but … that rubber band nub just doesn’t cut it, emmaright!?

My very first pom I ever put on a hat was the Pom-egranate. The second I tied her on … I was in love!!! Something about these cuties reminds me of Dr. Seuss and my customers LOVE them!!!! I mean, just LOOK:

As you can see in all of the photos, the quality of these poms is exceptional, the packing of her orders is impeccable and the excitement of a bonus pom is just too delicious!

As I said, there are so many poms out there and so many fabulous companies that even I am addicted to but … Rox Creations Co has a special place in my Oregonian heart and that Pom-egranate …. just can’t be beat!!!!

Run on over to her website or her Etsy page today and let your imagination run wild with possibilities!!!!

Thank You, Roxann for a fabulous new order!!!!!

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  1. Crystal Jones

    Img i need them alll

    1. ohanaboutique

      Me too, Crystal, me too…..I still have a wishlist so …. another order!?

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