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Rustic Cowl Pattern Launch!

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While going through my stash, I found my Lion Brand Scarfie collection and …. remembered that I have always wanted to come up with a cowl pattern that I liked. So I sat down and this girl just came right through my hands….isn’t she pretty!?

I stayed with raw edges and some bulky stitches to give her some bobble and rustic charm. The fringe is always optional, of course, but I like the feel of it and it does add a certain feel that would be missing without it in my opinion.

I love the way Scarfie drapes when I go up a hook size or 2 and it truly is the perfect yarn for this project. But as always, the possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to see everyone’s interpretation of this pattern and which yarns you used! This is part of what I love about the maker community! We use one another as a jumping off point and just let our imaginations run wild!

ohana boutique cowl pattern made with scarfie yarn

You can get the pattern HERE as of today! Do make sure to post your own creations in the comments here so we can see them.

'ohana boutique cowl pattern made with lion brand scarfie yarn

If you have any questions about this pattern, definitely ask them here as well so others may benefit from what we learn. Make and sell all you like, but please link back to the pattern where applicable to give credit to the artist.

Happy Hooking, Hookers!!!!

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