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Fall Crochet Round-Up

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Autumn is right around the corner!!!! The leaves are just starting to change and you can smell the rain, pumpkin spice and boots!

Autumn and Winter are we hookers’ seasons to shine!!!! So if you’ve laid your hooks down for Summer, I have included 10 things here to inspire you to pick them back up and get working on projects!

1.) What could be more Autumn than leaves!? These are so useful for any Fall projects, they can even be sewn onto hats for a unique Autumn feel! These patterns are just gorgeous. A small fee, yes, but I think it’s worth it! She has created some gorgeous leaves here! Click the image to check it out!

2.) ‘Tis the season for blankets! I know so many people who ask me about making blankets. I don’t do them for selling, but if you do or you are looking for a beautiful pattern to give as a gift this season, definitely check out this free pattern; just look at her, she’s to die for!!!! Click the image to download the free pattern.

3.) We’re always looking for unique pumpkin patterns this time of year, but this one was rustic and just … adorable, so I couldn’t resist including it here. Everyone loves rustic this time of year! Click the photo to get to the free pattern!

4.) We all need napkin rings during the season of gathering and cooking warm comfort food. I love the simplicity of these and the options available for changing colors to match whatever beautiful table you’ve put together for your gathering. Infinite possibilities with yarn and buttons! Click the photo to make up a set of these for yourself.

5.) I absolutely love these. You could fill them with candy or just stuff them and set them out as decorations. They would make wonderful decor gifts, even gifts for friends and coworkers stuffed with seasonal treats! Click the photo to head on over and check out the free pattern…

6.) So I love this hat. I am not experienced with the extreme drop stitch, but …. I kinda wanna be now!!!! These are just too cute. Clicking the photo will take you to the free pattern, but if you aren’t willing to navigate the ads on this blog, there is a link on her page where you can buy the ad-free .pdf.

7.) Would it really be a round-up without a pattern from Sewrella? This bag looks so soft and fabulous. I would love to carry my crochet projects in this bag for fall!!!! I bet they would sell well too! Click the photo to check it out!

8.) Football season isn’t only about beer! If you’re bringing a bottle of wine to the big game, whip one of these up in your host’s favorite team colors or … just make up some for yourself to transport your wine this time of year! I know a few women who would adore these!

9.) Just about everyone I know would love and wear these and the pattern is free!!! Color options are endless and the best thing about them is that they’re unisex – I love making things for everyone. Go get the pattern!

10.) This year the bobble stitch is IN! I read an article that said if we don’t all have bobble stitch sweaters by the end of the year, then we’re doing it wrong. So why not bobble stitch hats as well? Let’s milk this trend and go for it!

Whatever you choose for your first project this season, I hope we provided you with some inspiration here today! Get out those hooks and ….

Happy Hooking, Hookers!!!!

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