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Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Your Crochet Addict!

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Do you know and love a Crochet Addict? You’re not alone! And who says Valentine’s gifts have to be chocolates or jewelry? I can honestly tell you that what I would enjoy more than either of those things … are goodies that support my craft and excite me about working on my projects.

So let your crocheter know this Valentine’s Day that you support what they do, encourage their art and you will no doubt hit it out of the park!

I have compiled my top 10 gifts for we hookers on this holiday. This is based solely on my own wish list, combined with a little fantasy and sprinkled with a whole lot of crossed fingers. I am posting this early to give our supportive friends and partners time to purchase and consider shipping times. (still hoping)

And here they are, in no particular order:

1.) Crochet Hook Bracelets – I know, it may seem strange but … I just love them! Bangles made out of my own tools? Yes, please!!!! They come in sets of 3 and the seller will try their best to customize colors if you want something specific. Click the photo to check them out!

2.) Stitch markers! We buy them at the craft store, they break, they’re unreliable … so a set of markers, shaped like hearts that will last us is SUPER romantic. If these don’t strike your fancy, just do a quick search and you will find MANY options customized in so many different ways, you’re sure to find some that are perfect for your Valentine. Click the photo here to buy these!

3.) Crochet Rings! Hey, it’s a ring and it’s Valentine’s Day! Now, if you haven’t proposed or given your girl any sort of promise ring, I don’t recommend getting her hopes up with this one. But for the rest of us, this is perfection! You’ve seen us wrapping and re-wrapping yarn around our finger! Now … no need! These ship from Canada, so you’ll have to act quickly to get them in time, but it’s worth it! She will LOVE it! And she’ll brag to all of her friends about how thoughtful you are. Go on click the photo to snatch these babies up!

4.) Yarn Bowl. Now, even if we already have one….sometimes more than one is okay, too! This one is just gorgeous. Of course, they come in all sizes and prices but this one is on my own personal wish list so … I had to share it! This seller has excellent reviews as well, so customer service is top notch! If you’ve ever seen us winding balls and chasing them all over as we crochet, trying to keep them from dropping on the floor …. you know your crocheter needs one of these! Click the photo to learn more about them.

5.) Crochet Basket/Storage. Okay, again with my own personal wish list. This particular basket would not arrive by Valentine’s Day but it is my favorite so I wanted to share it with you. There are knitting and yarn baskets all over Etsy My point is this: My family complains non-stop about my projects sitting everywhere, half finished and my forever spot on the couch with yarn and hooks and projects taking up space. I would much rather have this basket to store it in that looks nice sitting in a corner! Any crocheter would, I promise!!! You click this image or do your own search but isn’t something like this much easier on the eyes that that crafting pile you see every day!? I thought so.

6.) Hooker Mug. Now, it may seem crass to some, but I love making hooker jokes. You’ve seen how I end every blog … so this mug (to me) is perfection! If you’re knotty like me (hehe) click on the photo and definitely get this one for your own favorite hooker! If it’s too much…do a simple search and you find MANY mugs for those of us who play with yarn. Either way, I want one!

7.) Crafter’s Bag. Now, I have a bag or two that I haul projects in, I’m sure your addict does as well. But this one is made just for us! Pockets and slots and cubbies everywhere for our tiny notions! I could take my projects anywhere if I had this handy guy!!! There are many out there, but I really like the design of this one and I would love to try one out! Click the photo and read more about it, it’s so cool!!!

8.) Magic Wand Crochet Hooks! I know so many of my fellow crafters who adore Harry Potter or who have children who have dragged them through the books and movies of the wizarding world. I don’t care how many versions of hooks I have, I use them all for different projects and I could always use more! They’re easily misplaced. These are fun and whimsical and I would love this set! Click on over and check them out!

9.) Faux Fur Pom Poms. It may seem strange to you, but these are so popular right now and I just can’t get enough of them!!!! I would love to be gifted with gorgeous fur poms!!!! The photo here is one of my favorite poms made my a local woman here in Oregon and I adore her work! So I’m sharing her with you here. I have done a complete review of my last order of poms from her HERE if you want to research her a bit more. But you can click the photo here to shop her store as well. Trust me, your hat maker wants some of these!!!!

10.) Gift Cards! Honestly, an Etsy gift card so I could shop my favorite hand-dyed yarns and other gorgeous fun notions and fibers …. heavenly. Give her a gift that will allow her to shamelessly shop for new yarn!!!! These can be found at your local gift card kiosk or on Etsy’s website. You’re already our hero….

Whatever you choose to gift your Valentine, we hope these ideas gave you some direction, if not just some entertainment for a bit!

Happy VD, Hookers!!!

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