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Getting Organized in 2019

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I have been watching a wonderful live series by a fellow artist on building your blog. She does many other lives as well, but this one I have been paying close attention to because it spoke to me. Every Tuesday night, I get my current project out and sit and giggle with her while she goes live. If you would like to join this group of makers and get in on the fun, I will link you to the Facebook group HERE.

So yes, organization, inspiration and building this blog into something helpful for other artists and crocheters has been on my mind. My pad of legal paper with my sticky notes and scribbled written patterns in progress got my ideas down on paper and seemed like a good idea when writing my New Year blog but …. not really inspiring, didn’t set any goals, and certainly didn’t give me a timeline to relieve stress.

Last night, my daughter needed a pencil pouch and we ventured out to Staples. She got lost in the Clearance section, dancing for the employees, and I wandered into the planner and calendar aisle. I found the cutest little planner that is pink and it inspired me, thinking of my blog and it’s simplicity and it’s well …. pink!

Then I went for the sticky notes. My biggest flaw as a crochet artist is my impatience. I don’t like projects that take too long and I don’t like repetitive work. I love color changes and things that keep me going. Sticky notes were on sale so I grabbed some pretty colors that inspired me to create and spent all of last evening transferring my blog ideas, pattern ideas, etc. to those gorgeous sticky notes and spreading them throughout the year so I won’t be overwhelmed and I can be consistent. In lots of different colors 🙂

I set goals, I made to-do lists …. I am in love with this little planner and she is going to be my best friend this year! She even has pretty little pages with encouraging and inspirational quotes on them! And yes, stickers. Though I suspect my daughter will end up with most of those….

I encourage you to get organized with your work and plan things out ahead of time to avoid getting into ruts, forgetting those light bulb ideas that hit you in the shower, and remembering important holidays, birthdays, and seasons that may affect what you’re creating. Maybe there is a project that seems overwhelming to you and you just keep ignoring it. (I have several) Get it written down each month to work on it for one afternoon with coffee and a movie and put it away again. You would be surprised how quickly projects get done when just a bit of time is set aside for them. And bonus! Calenders and planners are on sale at office supply stores this time of year!

Enjoy getting organized and inspired to CREATE in 2019!!!! Sign up for our newsletter and keep up with all that that is happening here this year! We have so much planned!

And definitely check out my girl Toni Lipsey and her blog, Instagram, Facebook….not only is her work gorgeous, her patterns inspiring, but she has the most delicious energy, you’ll love her!

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