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Earth Day Round-Up 2019

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To raise awareness for Earth Day, I have compiled a list of 10 things to help catapult us into being a bit more eco-conscious. This post is in no way to push climate change or shame you for your acrylic yarn. I use a lot of things in my collection that aren’t eco-friendly, I’m there with you.

But wouldn’t it be fun to make a small change or two to BE a bit more conscious moving forward? Also, the patterns in this blog are perfect for selling to your eco-friendly crowd. We all want to do our part, so here are some ways to help you do that and encourage your customers to do so by buying your eco-friendly creations!

1.) We base our work on our hooks, right? So let’s start with Bamboo Crochet Hooks! Bamboo is a VERY renewable resource and makes very nice hooks. The more you use them, the more they polish themselves. This is a wonderful, standard set of hooks made with bamboo – Mother Earth will thank you!

2.) Of course you can buy re-usable mop covers but …. you can also make them in any color scheme you choose!!!! This is a pattern for a dust mop cover and I love the simplicity, it’s so neat and I can imagine it in the colors of my kitchen! I can’t wait to try it! Click the photo for the free pattern!

3.) Reusable Grocery/Market bags! Now, here in Oregon more and more cities are banning plastic bags so …. we carry a lot of reusable bags around in our cars. Why not have stylish bags in every color!? Smaller bags for veggies and fruits….the options are many. I decided to share this one with you because it’s unique. It has a decorative tassel, it’s made with bulky yarn …. it’s just pretty! But you can find your own free pattern online as there are many. Click her photo for the free pattern!

4.) Cotton Washcloths! Okay, so this is my own free pattern 🙂 I’m allowed a shameless plug here, right!? I love making these because people really do love them and use them! Kitchen and bath alike, they are very popular. They can be custom made to match the decor, made with any stitch and in any shape. This pattern of mine uses the Lemon Peel stitch for a little character. I keep it simple for the cloths I sell in my shop. Get out the cotton yarn and make some for Earth Day! They make amazing gifts as well and accent any spa gift basket perfectly!

5.) Loofahs….now this is something we all love and love in many colors but …. isn’t the most durable thing we own. Loofah puffs wear out quickly, fall apart … these are easily washed and used for many years to come. Think of the color and texture possibilities!!! This free pattern is available by clicking on the photo; let it spark some imagination and create something unique!

6.) Kitchen scrubbies have become increasingly popular since that fabulous scrubby yarn came out but check. these. out. They’re the perfect pattern for the perfect kitchen scrubber! Designed to be exactly like your favorite kitchen sponge! And washable and reusable …. um…yes, please. Try this pattern out today! These would sell like hotcakes for those of you who have a crochet business!!!!! I am definitely going to have to look into this!!!!

7.) Coffee sleeves are a wonderful alternative to using the cardboard jackets they give you with your morning coffee in the drive-thru. I keep one or two in my car and wash them when I spill. Why contribute to the waste!? Yes, I’m including my own pattern here but there are thousands around the web to give you inspiration. This just happens to be the pattern that I make the most of and it’s become my signature sleeve.

8.) Vegan yarn is a thing! If you are a hooker who is concerned with the treatment of animals in the wool harvesting process….this one is for you! Vegan yarns are made with cotton and bamboo…natural and easily replenished resources and dyed to look just like their wool cousins. Animal-free!!! This is a great website with vegan yarns in all weights and colors, check them out!

9.) Not all yarn must be vegan to be earth friendly, (one of) my favorite wool yarn is Malabrigo. Their colors are inspired by nature (I’m a hippie at heart) and they are family-owned. Their sheep are herded by actual shepherds, my friends. They are based in Uruguay and I am in love with their process AND their yarns. You should definitely give it a try! This photo links to their ‘About Us’ page so you can read about the family and their practices.

10.) Carrying and organizing hooks can be one of our biggest challenges. This adorable eco-friendly hook case is perfect for keeping your hooks organized and easy enough to throw in your project back without losing hooks or getting them caught on projects …. made with hemp and organic cotton.

There are so many ways that we can encourage others, through our art, to be a bit more eco-friendly and mindful of our planet. What will you make this week in honor of Earth Day and encourage others as well?

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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