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‘Ohana Bottle Caps

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'Ohana Bottle Caps made with patons socks yarn to dress your wine bottles, beer bottles or vodka, rum, or whiskey bottles!

I have had this idea for a while now and I finally got myself going and did it! I just couldn’t spare the time during crafting season and Christmas but now I am full force creating with these little guys!

I have seen little holiday outfits for wine bottles, elf hats, santa hats … all of which are adorable. But I’m not a super cheesy holiday girl like that, so I wanted to come up with something cute and classy that could hang out all winter and look nice.

These look great on beer bottles, wine bottles, liquor bottles….if you have children, watch them closely as they also fit Barbie and friends.

I have a growing collection of these darling for sale on my Etsy Page, and for those of you who crochet and would love to make some of these up, I have the pattern available on Etsy as well!!!

These make wonderful decorations for your wine collection and add style to those hostess gifts and housewarming bottles!!!!! You’ll be a hit!!!!

Enjoy and as always ….

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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    I love reading your blog!!!

    1. ohanaboutique

      Thank You, Crystal!!!! Your support means so much!!!!

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