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Happy New Year!!!!

The Winter Holidays are by far our biggest ‘Ohana time. My partner and I have 5 children between us and we are creating fabulous family memories this time of year for them as they grow. Hopefully they will carry on our traditions with their own families someday…..

During all of this, it is also my busiest season with my crochet business. Craft fairs, Holiday Bazaars, Etsy orders …. it can be overwhelming! But every year, it all turns out just fine. A HUGE Mahalo to all of our customers past, preset, and future! Your purchases support a family and we are so grateful!!!!

We have just wrapped up our New Year’s Eve bash, the clean up is done and I am contemplating what 2019 looks like for me and my hooks. It’s been a lovely day of relaxing, crocheting for pleasure instead of rushing to finish an order a line of … anything. My partner brewed me a pot of my new Hawaiian Christmas coffee and I am enjoying a cup with my new coffee mug!

My planner is filling up, my ideas are flowing and sticky not pile is growing …. so many projects I want to experiment with this year! My new goal is to blog here, create and build up my stock throughout the year instead of killing myself each fall to get product out to customers. Wish me luck!

I am also hyper-focused right now on creating and marketing my Bottle Caps line … hats and scarves for wine bottles, beer bottles, any kind of bottle you wish. It’s super fun to create tiny things! I’m loving them so hard! A trip through wine country, passing out samples may be in my future!

But I also have plans for hats and new scarves and creating patterns and playing with new (to me) yarns ….. which is where the sticky notes come in. Blogs that must be blogged!!!!!

Welcome to 2019 and welcome to the ‘Ohana blog!!!

Happy Hooking, Hookers!!!!!


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