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Growing, growing, growing!

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We are swiftly getting things into place so we can take off in 2019!!!!

As you know, we swept the yarn sales locally and online and have an envious stash to work from all year. What is in store???? Well, to be honest all we’re thinking about right now is creating for Valentines’ Day!!!! Stay tuned.

We have created our profile on Google Plus, so you can find and connect with us there. We are working on getting things posted and listed in our groups and connecting with other crafters as well, so come by and say hello!

We also finally did something with our Ravelry page!!! Our patterns are listed there and our blog feed comes through on our profile as well, so you can keep up with us all in one place! Come be friends!!!! We will work on creating our stash, posting some projects, etc. We would really like to be more involved on Ravelry as it was a staple for me as a growing crocheter finding patterns from Ravelry members. That site definitely helped me grow as an artist! So we want to help others now as we continue to learn.

Now we’re off to work on getting some more patterns written! Can you say MORE FREEBIES!? Yes….

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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