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‘Ohana Faux Fur Pom Launch!

I am so excited to share this new development with you! So much research and brainstorming has gone into this decision and now I can finally share the results!

Until recently, I was perfectly happy supporting my fellow crafters and buying their gorgeous pom poms. That may not change entirely, I am a huge fan of some of these ladies! Buuuut….

I am always listening to business building talks, building your brand, success, yada yada. What can I say? It pumps me up! Well, when considering how to expand my business and include more products that can be carried through the year instead of focusing on fall and winter….I began researching pom making.

It isn’t as easy as it looks! Luckily the craft store ruined one edge of my fur by cutting it straight with scissors so I had some fur to practice with. The Universe works in mysterious ways 🙂 But it gave me a chance to try different techniques, knits, etc. and I think I finally have a system down! So much more goes into this than I ever imagined.

So now that my new adventure is out of the bag, be sure to check the shopping page here for new poms available! I’m so exciting to expand my shop in this glorious way that also feeds my pom addiction! Wish me luck!

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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