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V-Day Inspiration

This Holiday is always a tricky one for me. It’s created by Hallmark to boost sales for the corporate world but …. I LOVE HEARTS AND PINK AND PURPLE!!!!

And most of us love to celebrate love. I was looking for a pattern recently and noticed how many hearts were popping up so … I took it as a sign from The Universe that I needed to gather some of these cuties and do a round-up blog for us here! Let’s see what I found:

1.) This little guy was too cute not to include! You know I don’t get down with the stuffies, but I know my hookers love them <3 The page will link you to where she posted the pattern for the heart, but if you actually read the blog, you can link over to the original bear pattern as well. And they’re both free!!!!!

2.) When a unique infinity scarf pops up, I grab it! This one is so creative, weaving in hearts in the stitches! A fun, festive way to wear you love during a cold month that celebrates love 🙂 Pattern is free and I am already daydreaming about color combinations that aren’t so …. pink and red 🙂

3.) These frogs are to die for! I love that their tummies look like little hearts and you could easily customize those bellies for Valentine’s Day. Fat little froggies … who knew!? Pattern is free, definitely go check it out!

4.) These pillows are adorable!!!!!! Also …. why does it seem like everything in this blog is stuffed? These pillows would be gorgeous for your home or as a gift …. colors to match any room …. Go for it! Another free pattern!

5.) Our kids always need gifts for friends and classmates. Why not treat bags!? I would also not object to receiving a treat bag and a latte …. just sayin …. this is a free pattern and just seemed fun today, so I am sharing it with you!

6.) Now this stitch is awesome. A blanket would be amazing made with this stitch! And of course I love these not-so-red-and-pink colors!!! Yes, it’s FREE!!!!

7.) Something simple can be the perfect gift I always say! These are nice and simple and send a sweet message of love every time they’re used!!!! This one is a paid pattern but …. I couldn’t help it, they’re lovely!

8.) A bobble stitch heart blanket … any colors you like!!!!! What a great V-Day gift for baby showers, a grandchild, or a lap blanket for someone in your life who gets a chill. My grandmother had quite the collection of lap blankets <3

9.) Get out your favorite granny square project this February and PUT A HEART ON IT! I mean …. what is Valentine’s Day for if not for putting hearts on literally anything and calling it a Valentine? This granny square pattern is free, has a written pattern and video tutorial. Let’s do this!

10.) I know you didn’t think I would do a blog post without including a hat! Hats are always and forever my favorite and this one is just so sweet! So I will round out this post with a pretty hat! Not free, but I am happy to support my fellow makers.

Enjoy this time outside of our Fall/Winter Holiday rush and enjoy your crochet time! I always find that the things I spent time making and enjoyed making sell best and long before those things I rushed to make …. people can sense the love that goes into things. Now go stitch up some love!

Happy Hooking, Hookers!

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