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Easter Pattern Round-Up 2022

Welcome to my Easter inspiration post!!!! I like to get inspiration by looking for patterns from other crochet artists and holidays are a great way to do this!!!! Let’s see what I found this time…..

1.) It just wouldn’t be Easter without bunnies. This guy with his basket and eggs is just too cute! Such a classy lil’ dude!!!! The pattern for the basket and eggs is free when you click on the photo and she has a link to where you can purchase the bunny pattern there as well. If I did stuffies, I would totally get on board with this guy! He’s just so handsome.

2.) This little Easter hat is so adorable, I love the detail and the fact that when we make these things, we can choose colors that match any Easter dress or ensemble. If you have a toddler in your life, this is a must-have pattern for something that will forever be the hat you made for those Easter photos!

3.) These buys are just to die for! Gnomes are so big right now and every holiday gives us the chance to bring them in and use them and I love it so much! What a perfect way to have some fun with these and break from the traditional bunny idea for those who want to be different and original!!!!

4.) Another bunny, I know. But this sweetie is just so huggable! I love finding new and original patterns that are bound to spark imagination in we hookers. This guy doesn’t look like your average Easter Bunny and that is why I wanted to include him here. A simple pattern it seems and he looks cuddly enough for any wee person in your life!

5.) Little baskets are perfect for those small little gifts in classrooms, hostess gifts, party favors and even place settings for your Easter holiday table! Maybe you just want them for decorations around the house? But I can just see them with a ribbon tied around the base of the handle and some goodies inside….. FREE pattern!

6.) This photo prop sleep sack set is so adorable, I had to include it! What sweet newborn Easter photos this would make! As a former family photographer, my imagination runs wild when I think of babies bundled in these sets! What a great surprise this would make for a mom to have photos taken in this for Easter and give it as a gift!!!!

7.) I love these so much! Not your usual dolls at Easter – can you tell I enjoy breaking from the norm!? I love all the variations on this site for this pattern and these can definitely be customized for spring and Easter but any holiday, really! I think this would be a great pattern to keep in your collection and if you sell these at shows ….. the variations are endless! Just imagine!

8.) Now this is just a gorgeous piece. Simple and beautiful, I love it! Imagine being little and playing with those cottontails! For those of us who love decorating for holidays, this is definitely one to add to your collection. There’s not much more to say other than I never thought I would want a bunny pillow but …. now I do!

9.) Easter baskets are everywhere and they’re easy to come by, even crochet patterns for them! But this one kept popping up for me and I just fell in love with those ears!!!!! Finally another free pattern!!!! I guess it wouldn’t be an Easter round-up without a basket, so this is my choice this year!

10.) Okay, I couldn’t do this round-up without including an Easter dress pattern! And of course it couldn’t be a simple thing but …. we have time until Easter so …. why not!? This dress is so gorgeous that I just couldn’t help myself. This pattern includes instructions for the dress, sandals, and flower headband! I can’t imagine a more incredible labor of love to dress a child in than this! Even just the dress would be stunning but the accessories to!? OH my word. A simple slip and a petticoat under this gorgeous girl and your baby is

I hope this gave you some inspiration and sparked some crojo out there! If you try any of these, definitely share them with us wherever you follow us! We never get tired of seeing people’s creations 🙂

And before I forget …..

Happy Hooking, Hookers!!!!

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